Carla Bertola

Harbors were Closed
plates 31 - 40

Carla Bertola. Born in 1935 in Torino where she still lives. She starts writing poetry very young and since the early 60’s contributes to poetry magazines, takes part to meetings and other poetry events. Bertola starts producing Visual Poetry in the 80’s and her works have been accepted by specialized international magazines and exhibitions, and she also published some books in France and USA. In the same period begins her performances and a little later she produces "Stagepoetry actions" most often with Alberto Vitacchio. She has performed in Italy, France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Latvia, Serbia, Cuba, Brazil. She had solo and collective exhibitions in many Countries, concernig Visual Poetry, Installations, Artists Books.

Her research explores different themes, from the megalithic and other ancient cultures, through Futurism to social problems.

In 1978 she founded Offerta Speciale an International Poetry Magazine, devoted to Visual and Research Poetry, that she still runs together with Alberto Vitacchio: The magazine has organized many Poetry Meetings, Visual Poetry Exhibitions and other events.

She writes: "Over the years an image nested in the unconscious has gone through deep transformations, carried out with various techniques.

"Towards the end of 2018 forty minimal variations have taken place, collages-on-collages that follow one another and arise again obsessively."
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