Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

Continuations CVI:

a song sung    only 
                a particular one of many
    there     upon a platform   shoed
into this or that argument   toward
    a future fair yield   yet  not a
                bene fit for one intended ear

nebulous fit      desire and plan
                shored up in twinned form
                                intrinsic                 truncated
 gesture arduous                the spun
                throngs dis-mature themselves
                                (un)prompted by the platform

the sprung thongs manifest a jest
                sure to alert (or alter) 
    imagination s   ought out
                thinking /   caught out
cutting cornered   concern
                s   having loss to lose

out of concern                 one speaks
                of piques                 ad valorem 
                                with or sans imagination
  sure of self and little
                else(wise)         cornering
                                loss by way of      fest

or vest  all covered   a breast
                of new developments
    or so some they will say
                will sway a crowd  of
                    daffy fellows   fools
                                for a siren   s(tr)ong

restive flexing                  veils un-mellow
                strays to daft pursuits
                                risen through rungs
    sprung over a view of 
                om                      as withered
                                in common psyche

incommunicado    or psyched to hide
                till a chants encounter lead
                                s to peddled prevarications
    holding dominion over minds but part
                way mended   (that s melded
                    welded to some dream of power

enhancements peddled hold
                just as the heart lets go
                                the mind full of itself
   a chance       blanches the minions
                                               following behind
                         where they (be)long    still blindly striving 

a snowfall of white papers    thrown
                out    (down)   unread /    deliberate
     refusal    chancy choice   quotes
                rations    torn out     worn out
                    verses    curses only
                                against the chosen other

use(d)                   worn                   cursed
                gain                    at the height of 
                                professional    quotas
                                                of crumbs reached for
                ahead of others                averse 
                                to sharing             what is owned

what is known is only what is owned
                not up to     no good
    can come of these    against those
                all for not    no knotty
                    conundrums    beating
                                heartland lacking the beginning

statistics                 class       negates                 the improbable
                instance of      no goodness of fit
                                knots     obstacular in their
                                                way       weigh in
    to win attention     beating                 albeit unjustly
                would appear                    to simplify

too simple    fie     a fig for a gig
                a bite off the oldest apple
                    pie or po faced    fused
    and fueled on an anger so unfocused it
                can no more      know less
                    than the nothing sparking fire  (storms

strange storms split trees
                light shrills the sky      fuel 
                                the app versus the apple
  champion focusing on 
                                fire ire               choirlets 
                spat sing skat lines        to opine

too fine    lie cut or slashed
                as trees   houses   even board
    rooms roam in wind black and
                blown    a blue(s) air
                    Aeolian harpies scare
                                quotes ever lower

lashing out versus moaning 
                yields unreasonable        filler in
                                the empties       rife with
flash floods       of losing streaks
                                blown through
    yards                 psyches                 dis-owned

the empirical spike   back off
                fractal officiousness
                                too many partitions
    behind which watch what
                faked management
                                systems (of a) downturn

a précis amounts to fractional
                fakeage                 systematic as watchdogs
                                bleat their officious little
marks in sound space                  too many
                                creatures of habit
    turn down the struck empire (waste

management)   stuck in empirical
                space    spectaculars
     too much hair    raising the anti
                rousing the antebellum bellows
                    is that another gun
                                in your prance    or
tentacles screech toward 
                gunfire                 as if
                                rancid spirits had caught
    fire                      a hair’s breadth 
                be/longing      to      an other 

laying about with all arms   or
    is that flailing    failing the test
                y  money lords   their refusal
a retort unseemly to reason
    or enabled doubt of moral high
                ground beneath their boots

lately frailness leaves 
                the shell of a report
    the season discards                  neither knives
                nor dirt                 nor fire
morale sinks unable to self
                buoy money’s residue smudges all hands 

a kind of char    dust
                that broom  a clean
    sweep    stakes too high for
                life to stay a sentence
                    writ on water    thought
                                heroics lost in mist

rusted takes    return the hero
                to a perch      from which
   a clean break        stays
                in focus for the many
                                who rely upon   the legendary
    as a reason                 to sleep

in that darkness   thereof     one
                speaks not    each night
    mare more wave than particular
                drowned bookie     all bets off
    in memoirs penned in absolutes
                black on white alert mess

noir might not protect
                alertness stiff beyond                  the threat
                                of light                 shrill to see(k)ing
     the specific place    apart from
                recollection    rendered
                                in code that sleeves distinction

slaves distraction   a default faulty
                to the last  (lie   as breath
     shoehorned  subordination
                subjects always (al)ready objects
                    in that ever smaller rear view
                                mirror   of souls long vacated

ordinal data    makes meaning of
                the up and down  the subject 
                                of the sentence(d)      diminishes
    in view until       writhing        turns
                to others                 last in lineage
                                shoved into dwindling place

left empty soon if powers
                off   put out   beyond the
                     event horizon   an air
    less space     less exploration    less
                experimentation    that reach
                    for a future reason would construct

reason’s emptied of event 
                the less space                 the more power
                                concentrated    into 
                freedom of reach   as prowess
tall mid-air                    experiments meanwhile
                prevail                 constructively through seasons

a turn and turn again     but with
                or against the clock   a rock
    shadow   tossed     bossed
                buffed   as if pomade could
    provide a halo so bright
                it hides the lack of thought beneath

riptide splinters halo primed
                to seem intact                  revokes
                                inline online fin-lined 
lockdown                        ritually 
                turned against itself   twelve or more
                                embossed containers of valence 

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