Randee Silv & Mumtazz


Wedged: Scribbled dissections shoot from blank spheres from blank depths. Coiling flashbacks plummet. Dive. Veiled clusters resonate over smuggled exteriors. Seductions materialize. Silent thunder offsets absorbent immersion. Cast-off niches pause. Halt. Dwindle. Cease. Echoes agitate before settling into euphoric gusts.

Stacks: Vintage reels. Dead-end stalemates. Accounts. Tales. Immediate alerts. Lengthwise crossings splinter fluent crates of nullifying blunders. Ease and thirst ricochet at window ledges. Outcomes mingle predictions. Contrasts gravitating toward half morning half night. Open seas take hold. Rising fields vacate. Tellings feast until they reach the street floor.

Mumtazz finds forms of expression through drawing, collage, ceramics, sculpture, scenery, photography, film, audio pieces, props, costumes, performanceand agriculture. The root of her work is poetry. She uses perception as a material, as well as the ephemeral, the anonymous, and magic. Her work has been exhibited in her native country of Portugal as well as internationally.

Randee Silv
is editor of Arteidolia and the journal swifts & slows: a quarterly of crisscrossings. Silv’s wordslabs have appeared in Posit,Urban Graffiti, Maudlin House, Sensitive Skin & Bone Bouquet, as well as in her chapbook Farnessity (dancing girl press).
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