Cecelia Chapman

Club Paradise: desire, vacation, redemption, 2 films, 40 years

Cecelia Chapman is an investigative artist and graphic designer whose work examines how we live and think. Her practice is based in the image, and the ways it influences consciousness and the long range effects. She is a California artist currently living in Massachusetts. Club Paradise is in collaboration with the Texas internet artist, Jeff Crouch, and includes video, mail collaboration and photography. http://www.ceceliachapman.com/club-paradise

She writes: "This Club Paradise graphic essay considers two films produced 40 years apart, similar to The Image Vanishes, https://the-otolith.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/cecelia-chapman.html. Here, the working mans’ pub and the beach resort, seemingly disparate places to relax and recharge, are vacation sites of their social and cultural moment, and both 'vacations you’ll never forget…'"
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