Christopher Barnes

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (6)

“Five days to Lent —
$7000 kitty.
Our Atlas rental van is breathless.
We terminus at Cottage Kitchen
Here a booth to waiting-game in.”

“I retrace…street lamp
Arced by dusk.
Non-committal whiff of bacon.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (7)

“His cabin’s disinfected,
Even the Mingus LP’s towelled.
Liquorish today, but wistfully fleet.”

Whiz yourself down to Tijuana.
If this is seven-up you also-ran.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (8)

“Scarcely at home with friskiness
But you’re a rosy outlook darling.
From Honolulu
Millie’s postcard warbled auspicious colours,
Now we’ll be gravy-trained.”

“What’s the layout?
Inescapably you have one.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (9)

“Don’t quack ‘yo’ and hang up.
Rosie junked him on the forecourt.
She hammed ‘Amen’ — Joe biked in
To broom that washout.
It was her match-made.
The equinox dwindled, fantailing a cloud.”

“You just never grasp
What sort of booty’s tangled in.”

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (10)

“My knees wriggled, throat heaved.
Floodlights inflicted no place to melt.
Chinking the door obligated gasps.
The all-pervading cul-de-sac knew no virtue.”
Wished YOU had made it.”

“Merry Christmas Johnny –
Have a good one.”

Christopher Barnes' first collection LOVEBITES was published by Chanticleer Press. He reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival each year, partakes in workshops, and co-edited the poetry magazine Interpoetry.
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