John Pursch


“Turn it all loose!” you scrawl you scream you still remain a sewn serenely palpitating doughboy back from savory she-wolf seizure raids, in potted daylight, knowing even less than generations of knowledgeable suits in acrobatic bridgehead runs, flipping into oncoming frenzy, palpating for crucial fixations. They swig, they gobble perky secretions of a ductile aerated crater on one minor plaudit of interred continuance.

Oh, to be shifted from pending resolution to shivering lockout! From bleary clueless plight to undesired certitude! From coded destination knell to pixelated gravity! Above the fruitless aim of craggy comics, triggers known to metered etch of ethnic probe to proletarian phobias to toluene in fuzzy highball to random diplomatic yen for civility, anvil strife, criers hawking in the moping air.

Yes, sighing high above but still below the limitless imagination, nod only of mammalian aliens, or manned spans, or womanly virtue, of planned pubescence, but of the ultimately unique borscht of all seeing, the wizened call-snowing source of all and sandy peaches, bleached fuses, impregnated schmoozers, lucky dozers, incandescent Rotarians, slipshod octogenarians; holograms of human asperity, austerity, semper hi-fi looped polarity, quantum giggle vacancy in quicksand change for causeway filigree. Cored mounds of handball itch, snoring nut cake croupier on spore-feel mutiny excursion curse at candy cane propeller patterns in arriving chestnut napes, ogled by tourists down valleys, down comforting arms, through tumbleweed crossword hints.

Sam Andreas perks up, a furious omen, his stomach rumbling, realigns the nearest star to vestigial north, then burps into hand truck captain’s collarbone, seeking mental release: “Sky Cap! Come on in, you deviled eel, palatial pontoon, you ewe, you ululating ladder or is it latter-play boulder of a soldier or a soldered imploder?”

Here, so close to yesterday, time slips quite unpredictably. Proximity can take you at any moment, wicked salty feel, sloshing ride to peddled omens, future past in parallel to timelines unsurpassable. Fizz, flip, cloud bank surge envelops an entire city block from static rodeo interment to raw dynamic Youcantan in somewhat teleported lift but more akin to dream state flick.

Spartan Bagel

Hit wash laid Juan shattered day aft her swoon in Madhatter Bleach, add a Days Again raster haunt overcooking the Specific Lotion. Swayback Schlocky Boater, err Sawdust oar baby Chewn, flabby oddly May; pet churlishly nautical Snowy Membrane, surly Ape Trill, ark Doc Ember, ear Fed You Hairy, and Napier inner mild weird chancellor’s worst tidal mare cud wee heifer expectorate to seven drink that sledge a flying leavening coulda sharpened awn a Jammed Hubristic Actuarial squinter’s knight! Snow, hat was a slumbering heaven, an oddly even activity, an offshoot of misbegotten logic, the veritable deformation of happenstance.

Handy hoot, dare I was, smiling my own busty niece, you mired spay board, putt serrated and silent, sitting inner par, thinking of peerage, when waddle ewe canoe who should clone in withered spurious problem in tow tan wan of my bee-too cone shirkers, name of Bart Eagle, Eagle-Thighed Spartan Bagel, Spurting Bagpipe Eagle-Eyed. The stable before me was utterly empathy, chapel of swarthy chores awaiting tease duet, imbibing tame to suit ride clown and pour out their canned rotunda, tale of sundry random effort attic, prerogative on tankard hold, desperado dime-store luck what plumb rang out and stunned apologetic hopes asunder.

Relief is wad eye sawed upon their fleshy phase, synching into deflection phlegm swung an utterly imprisoning affair; swan familial flake, a fear tune aptly unique crystalline spur, son of alley tees, song in climbing ransom outa swelling blind ate, knot unlike a feud allergy. Canter spike the dime Pawn Carbuncle sautéed basting tins addled Eye Talon holistic inner whale furor launch in Soakdown and wound up sweat wide sauce unsteady red, in mere sways tan when. Snowed only did she gnawed slake the flood; she taut eyewash a veil, a bubbling bark, undertaken. All ass, highway asphalt salt creaky speaking tour. Baby I wasp alliteration cha-cha grinned chasuble. Petty hoot con stray?

Handy ouch, plaque Tudor Tory. Swear where wee? Slow chest, Madhatter Bleach, add a Days Again respiration, turning my civic putty, or tea leafy I good due to shelve a friend in knead. Four swing a manacled young scruple over blind ate fingers them elves trapezoid, prisoners oven awkward so shall snitch you ovation, an able to eggs strict ate swung our profitably both phlegm certain umpired putt clearly baneful awe brig orations, swell ten, gunning a grout of a swilling tired parity can opener sup a world of plausibility, allowing chesty crag of light, a hint of flight, of slaving phase, of pastries on a Shunday morning, the unexpected bakery thronged at three AM, a smiling face in a sea of fury, a life preserver in an endless sea. Salt at remained flurry me data wash beeline as bemused ash


Bequeathing upstate tenderloins, imputing roaring stagecoach laugh, a pithy bison drives his candied hummer right into the Abracadabra Saloon, his yeast-to-western sailboat swagger almost comatose in plankton flat of philharmonic dysentery. He contracted the disease to cure himself of sudden cramp, symbiotic pedaling brace of peloton or pumphouse song in chute libation flick, dividing current avian. A dragging phylum, scooting sideways, spied by tundra, polished him off with a scoop of kookaburra enclave fizz and peanut fleece constabulary. All for less than the price of a good parakeet.

“Nod an utter amp!” you yell, sallow-cheeked checkerboard co-opted to seize a poor bedraggled rubric. Ole Abracadabra himself jacks up round of gnawing chum, slipping eyeball washboard sag, cleaving birthright snorkel tube from oceanic tribal hump, sidereal menagerie to garden flock of pelican. Backed by ably pluperfect skies, breezy, bifurcated, and belated, he panders to only the cloud top alias of pure uncharted aria.

Just when it looks like our friend the buffalo might make it out alive, foveal disgrace descends from con men, scanning the swirling planet for sanguinity, perspectival jelly, multitudinous rodeo comportment, salsa on wheels, reproductive platform news. Their prefab kingdom, portable toilets not included, for a pairing of genes, plundered chromium, zonal aerosol, propped-up shirkers on any corner, blue light spaceship burger steals; eyesore cutlet laser squeals from bison, bicentennial believers, plops of human gelatin, calamitous roller coaster shown genetic highway offramp augury to exit left remainder reindeer inner product pageant stuck in basement watchword cook-alike. Shingles endow planes within farmed wick of each serrated welder’s torch, blue-hot to the stork’s flighty yet ignoble parasympathetic itch.

Blue-Fingered Rhapsody

Au contraire, contrarian éclair! Equestrian polarity accumulates invariably in fairy tale temerity, in dog-eared tomes and tombstone knells from undercover swimsuit cons. O Caesarian ovaries, in overture, in overhauled left-handedness, pipe a scream of unborn youth to anchored steamboat, arboretum battleship, or castigated nevermore in whip-poor-will to ancient test of mental bobcat, pinching skylight emblem into looping alley consequential, flooding planar mob with nude enamel filigree.

Conquest team to tied penumbral oceanic status quip, fluted groom on many hits of omen, augury to windmill spin, rolling indignation pride, simpers in predominating slight, capped beyond a wave of germinating beef. Aha! Alas! Avast, ye mighty figurine, striding brow line savagery, above below beside denuded plumes of withered corduroy, soaked in yardarm glue. America! High chimerical alchemy, frozen neural imposter afloat in ecstasy on pollen bee bicuspid bricks atop an exponential sag.

My cap falls off and sails downstream at fine velocity, reproaching pound of sheet rock vapid oddity, idiosyncratic euphony, hierarchical ignominy, and freeform juicy polity; all to limpid angle yolk. Chi-squared area, a merry aria, how fed on graceful slop, and ground to bootstrap comet seizure, sleek in octopi or cosmic seasick altitude bemoaning four-door rodeo in exclamation. Sly periscope, chiding halftime urge allows incendiary grimace to evolve in sloping parenthetical, encasing kickoff steeds in lucid bronze, beautifying the shower, crinkling frayed bowers, stinging crepe hours. Pulleys eye the apex, the nadir, throbbing automatic steeples drawing into worship range, jettison the lifelong crew, lifeboat iceberg isotope, swearing off blue-fingered rhapsody.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals.
A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks.
His pi-related lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc.
He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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