Michael O'Brien


you wanted to be a cheese monger
but your willy is too small

you wanted to be a twenty foot horse
but they aren’t that big

you bought every wu tang affiliate album
but ignored killarmy

you took a photo of a bridge
where the mothman appeared
on the day you were born
it got three hundred retweets when you posted it next week
also nice

you bought a pear from the shop
and looked at the natural colours
and you were reminded of your skin
and its freckles in the summer


SUV’s HGV’s all kinda V’s paddle through the wet street. V has nothing specifically to do with rain or weather — it’s a letter. A letter in the alphabet. Nice. V’s are sometimes big and sometimes small. Big V. Small v. Varicose veins. Venezuela [my favourite v]. Venereal disease. Vagabond. Vlog. Vivid. Victim. Viral.

Michael O’Brien is the author of As Adam (UP Literature), Big Nothing (Bones), The Anabasis of Man (Yavanika Press) et.al. His work has been published widely in print and on the internet, and translated into other languages. You can follow him on twitter @michaelobrien22
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