Miro Sandev

Three Homophonic Translations of Hristo Botev

El-leg gear yah

Car jimmy, car gee, bed knee nah rod eh,
coy tear-off terse rob scar looker loo lay?
Toes lee, shut toss pass see tell yacht pro body
nah crust earthen yah vulgar zee fair skiff rep rather
illicit oz, shot toll coz god din tee pear:
“Tur pee, yeesh tear seas pass yeesh douche Arthur?!”

Toil lee, ill lend yah coy neg off nah mist nick,
Sinner low viola lab rut nah you da,
pray do tell fair any shiv prayed vest nick
nano fee tech laser zero ma see,
nova cur jar leer of nova poll lewd da
coy pro dahl brat ta, ooh bill bar star see?!

Doily? Car shimmy. Mull chi nah rod da!
Glue who yeesh trash no germ yah toe coffee,
neigh chewy say yacht ark glass a sea for Budda:
numb rush ten sum oz glover toy so chi
nah is gun is bra nah – Roy yuck scot of eh,
of sewer tour chi, freshy slap see oh chi.

So chi nah rod dart teapot tot cello,
cur faff see lair nah erred come irk grope pen;
crust earth eh Czar bit faff shiv oh tell oh,
rush da rust yah da gloss gar knee cost tee,
smog eh sass Mughal shiv vote nah rod den,
smooch chat go nashi choose dee ghost tee!

A bed knee yacht rob tur pee, near eh
Bess rum, Bess you core, bro him meh frame meh,
odd cuck eh home odd nah shutter she yah
odd cuck oh coffee fly chi nah rod da,
bro him, is fire yah tui scots co plum meh
chuck a meh near eh red star so for Budda

Putt rear yacht

Putt rear yacht eh – douche a da far
sun nah you car, suss for bod ah
no neigh savoy ta douche a, brat yah,
a douche art ah nah-nah rod ah!
If say chemo dob roast roo far,
sum oz night eh, supper rather,
cut oh Jove ache – shut to da bra fee?
pro da far see douche art ah.

Eh dough burr hysteria in:
neigh pro push ta litre ghee yah;
no if chair kufr Sartre tui hot tea
Che chair kufr a Thai Turk go veer!
Is eh key moo dob roast roo far,
sum oz night eh, supper rather,
cut oh Jove ache – shut do da bra fee?
sole lager siege nah art ta.

Eh Jove aches dob ross sir say:
nay us ta far zero mass see;
no net toy fuss, brat yah, hurrah knee
a veer nay go suss trued earth see!
Is eh key moo dob roast roo far,
sum oz night eh, supper rather
cut oh Jove ache – shut do da bra fee?
is yah da see mess art ta.

Post lunar eh

Sav yacht tee blood eco! Pastor nah rod den!
The nester bare pissing pear yes sir Slav ah
eke cuz far mot chair, tee see do stow hen
naysayer upper hear – sudd duh Shah far.

No cut oh Jove ache real league oxen,
is come Darcy nigh yah – stair nigh hem the farmer –
dare eh he nashi it pop etch op open –
if chair cover ta lee, ill lee ha mama?

Suss toto, tot chair, say low prick cuz vat,
chef esky Zahra co gar see hot deal,
duh faux, pop lee – to far naysay yacht –
nah bun knitter see go you shop pop ill.

Miro Sandev is a poet working on stolen Gadigal-Wangal land in so-called Sydney. His poems have appeared in several journals including Meanjin, Cordite, Rabbit, Otoliths, Westerly, Southerly, Snorkel and others.
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