Gian Luigi Braggio


Gian Luigi Braggio explores the boundary between consciousness and reality, he considers art as instrument of spiritual, human growth and civil engagement.

Interested in Eastern philosophies and quantum physics, he cultivates the spiritual of art connected to the Zen practice: through creative thinking, an individual becomes a person in harmony with the world and people, overcoming the resistance derived from simplified models of relationship and thought. The focus shifts from the object to the person, the aesthetic model gives way to discovery the unusual and unrepeated beauty of the whole creation, experiencing solutions where clarity of form turns life energy in an emotional state, purified by the inner discipline and language.

He uses different techniques and mediums. He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, publications, festivals and organized events both on the territory and on the web.

He teaches art to children in public schools. In this way, art becomes an instrument of peace education, integration, cooperative and experimental teaching approaches.

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