Marcia Arrieta

the ascent is complicated

Turning shadow into transient beauty
                                                  —T. S. Eliot

old pages of the past are thrown into the river

    in the night the recklessness of resemble forces beyond pattern approximate— 100 pieces of sand 10 goldfish 1 ellipsis grounded the road in the water to negotiate chance or maybe struggle the broom against the pavement    
    porcelain & paintings fish flower bird. wind wave cloud. the years. the walks. the lampposts. violets & costumes. to read another book. impatient the desire for illumination.    
    archive the disjuncture the cross heavy the surreal a wood 3 goats & a chicken the angel visible within the dragon a green caterpillar walks across the street  
    misplaced * poet sock artist key * casual complexity contradiction sunlight * the process beyond subsequently process time lost. impressions. experiments. intuitive evolution. to paint & forget. monarch butterfly in the garden. apron in the tree.

Marcia Arrieta's 3rd poetry collection perimeter homespun is recently out from BlazeVox.

She edits & publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry /art journal--- and finds solace in her garden, as well as adventure in reading Tolkien's biography & her journeys to India & Nepal.
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