J. D. Nelson

I ate the star

the clapping hoof of the goodwin
we do not fear the hammer

the way of the wasp
stop the menace with magnets

the rose pattern
a world to go

the personality people
the sudden charcoal

blue machine a grover doll

were you like a froster or something
crushing a lemon with foot one and two

oh was crickenham part of the ham
jounce just july was a whence

the beetle was the color of the sun
to eat the elf with protein fingers

your local chapter of the milk
to dine on crickets

you hadn’t started the sun

aero was a special order
thirds of the sun chunk

bring out the dry machine
mirror the sun for good now

foot linus was a baking gentlecat
a new earth egg the size of a city

the marble has a chip in it
in the garbage rooting for a world

the coke and pepsi game

falling asleep in the forest
headlines in the dust

being a ghost doesn’t help now
question burger is a mole

denim flea the paris third
a western plot to buy your bugs

I couldn’t scream at the plants
a book is the light of the hammer

that moon is a standard face
the world in a shoe

are you a capital J like me

to be short and shortening
wall hanging is the method

                enough of the window!

this could be the broken duck
power up the bubbles

why would you like to be the head of the stars
why do we need the planets to be in order

is that a captain kirk shirt

skin of potato or mule
                when we are the lake

a mirror in the sand
that old cape of the batman

it looks like a lake of dreams
would you rather be a bee or a brain

in the world of lawns
the big hum of nothing if we are too careful

a major sleeping bag

startled bird was the first into the machine for warmth
a sharp herp of the dirt

sever and now seven

                flavor seven of the night

to comply with the law of the world would be a loss for the button people

in that crack is a creature

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published poems. Nelson lives in Colorado.
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