Jim George


The Specific Ocean

A Cut Above

Jim George is a writer-artist-songwriter-musician from Reading, PA. His fiction, poems and artwork have appeared in Dream Noir, Otoliths, The MOON, The Sea Letter, The Ear, Defenestration, What Are Birds, Lotus-eater, Angry Old Man, Fleas On The Dog, ANON, Hock Spit Slurp, Queen Mob's Tea House, The Five-Two, The Disappointed Housewife and Praxis; his nonfiction has been published in Playboy, Cinema Retro, and Best Classic Bands; and his songs have been used in television and film. Jim Shorts, his first book, is a humorous collection of wordplayful stories, poems, and line drawings, available as a PDF from the author. More information at: https://byjimgeorge.wordpress.com
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