Joann Renee Boswell

Hinterland Collective
                               —for Glen Hansard

this skin, casing universal-wild,
observe blood microscoped—
so much in the still—

vibrations whirl the muse,
coffee lid trembling climax
waking willing wonder.

asleep we miss
passion parading
as nondescript stranger.

rambling embodied composition,
against the mellow
you lend muscles to heart,

fucker of norms,
hip-rolling enticement
ride necessity-nectar.

electric-alive gratitude.
we pay— make us feel.
remembering through famine

sand dripping hours. stamina.
potato-savior, point your gaze
True North, our guiding home.

boiled back, blood or water,
the same: this skin, the same,
the same, the same—

drum our same, animate.
no matter how thick,
return us to omneity river.

toes tap in unison,
release this blessed beast,
intoxicated straight-back pipes.

dumbfounded, device drop.
embrace this skin, this same,
this skin, this skin, this all-of-us me.

how are you not sold out?
blocks surrounded, hopeful extras,
the same, these skins, the same.

delirious sacred transcendence,
magic migration of self to same.
croon our acceptance,

insistent internal divine.
this skin, this skin,
this same cosmos fibre.


Joann Renee Boswell is a teacher, mother, photographer and poet currently living in Camas, WA (USA) with her spouse and three children. Her first book of poetry is expected May 2020 through Fernwood Press. You can read more at joannrenee.com
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