Jeff Bagato

Sparkle Plenty (12x12)

winning plenty fluffy bacon
winning plenty princess cupcake
winning plenty eggroll diamond
winning plenty happy fuzzy
winning plenty pizza comet
winning plenty candy bacon
winning plenty mermaid pony
winning plenty dragon swimsuit
winning plenty pretty harddrive
winning plenty fairy sports car
winning plenty taco donut
winning plenty curly pumpkin

singing plenty princess tiny
singing plenty space ship magic
singing plenty golden burger
singing plenty baby taco
singing plenty sunscreen comet
singing plenty gorgon eggroll
singing plenty silly pizza
singing plenty angel donut
singing plenty tiny fuzzy
singing plenty starry dolly
singing plenty furry rainbow
singing plenty bacon fairy

sparkling plenty silly taco
sparkling plenty cruise ship mermaid
sparkling plenty pony dragon
sparkling plenty harddrive donut
sparkling plenty laughing rainbow
sparkling plenty tiny magic
sparkling plenty diamond baby
sparkling plenty pizza crystal
sparkling plenty pumpkin fuzzy
sparkling plenty comet fairy
sparkling plenty dolly angel
sparkling plenty candy princess

finding plenty tiny dragon
finding plenty pizza cruise ship
finding plenty bacon swimsuit
finding plenty pony fairy
finding plenty fuzzy eggroll
finding plenty pretty pizza
finding plenty comet swimsuit
finding plenty burger angel
finding plenty mermaid princess
finding plenty curly rainbow
finding plenty donut candy
finding plenty silly gorgon

clicking plenty angel gravy
clicking plenty curly mermaid
clicking plenty dolly bacon
clicking plenty pizza eggroll
clicking plenty pretty spaceship
clicking plenty laughing comet
clicking plenty candy dragon
clicking plenty fairy swimsuit
clicking plenty pumpkin princess
clicking plenty baby baby
clicking plenty taco kitten
clicking plenty furry rainbow

hunting plenty happy comet
hunting plenty burger baby
hunting plenty taco fairy
hunting plenty fuzzy race car
hunting plenty dolly bacon
hunting plenty eggroll swimsuit
hunting plenty rainbow gorgon
hunting plenty silly taco
hunting plenty starry fairy
hunting plenty funny pony
hunting plenty taco tiny
hunting plenty curly kitten

loving plenty comet cruise ship
loving plenty laughing taco
loving plenty dolly rainbow
loving plenty bacon puppy
loving plenty princess donut
loving plenty fairy angel
loving plenty jelly pony
loving plenty eggroll happy
loving plenty rainbow gravy
loving plenty burger pumpkin
loving plenty silly dolly
loving plenty mermaid bacon

taking plenty pretty happy
taking plenty curly baby
taking plenty tiny bacon
taking plenty fluffy mermaid
taking plenty gorgon gravy
taking plenty candy taco
taking plenty sports car angel
taking plenty spaceship pizza
taking plenty pretty princess
taking plenty pony baby
taking plenty pizza pumpkin
taking plenty comet curly

watching plenty candy dolly
watching plenty rainbow pizza
watching plenty jelly dragon
watching plenty toothpaste mermaid
watching plenty pizza gravy
watching plenty pretty bacon
watching plenty sun screen fairy
watching plenty angel dragon
watching plenty donut pizza
watching plenty laughing baby
watching plenty kitten taco
watching plenty eggroll pumpkin

eating plenty salsa angel
eating plenty happy dragon
eating plenty comet toothpaste
eating plenty rainbow bacon
eating plenty mermaid princess
eating plenty spaceship dolly
eating plenty taco pony
eating plenty candy gravy
eating plenty laughing donut
eating plenty rainbow burger
eating plenty fuzzy puppy
eating plenty burger race car

making plenty swimsuit jelly
making plenty pony candy
making plenty eggroll toothpaste
making plenty starry dragon
making plenty mermaid pizza
making plenty rainbow angel
making plenty pretty bacon
making plenty comet gravy
making plenty fluffy spaceship
making plenty gorgon taco
making plenty candy dolly
making plenty burger baby

dancing plenty rainbow dragon
dancing plenty starry taco
dancing plenty princess jelly
dancing plenty curly burger
dancing plenty eggroll pony
dancing plenty kitten baby
dancing plenty pizza donut
dancing plenty silly salsa
dancing plenty happy dolly
dancing plenty fuzzy pumpkin
dancing plenty pony comet
dancing plenty angel bacon

Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music and glitch video. His published books include And the Trillions (poetry), and Computing Angels (fiction). A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at http://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.
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