Jack Galmitz

At a Loss

Have you ever considered
that the difference
between the legends
with their bronze plaques
in the Hall of Fame

and all those others
who've already lost their names
is nothing more than 30 hits
in 1000 at bats
over a lifetime.

That's it.
And some of those hits
were with two outs
no one on base
and during a rout.

You know sometimes
you'll find yourself
at a loss for words
or maybe short of change.
Don't despair— shout out

and even if you strike out
and she thinks you're insane,
well, at least you've carved
your name with a pocket knife
on an old park bench.

Jack Galmitz prefers the imaginary to the real. He spends most of his time alone creating stories and visual images only some of which make it to paper. He is nearing 70 and hoping that Herman Hesse was right: that after death we enter our dreamworld.
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