Issue fifty-eight Date of Publication August 1, 2020.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2020 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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This issue of Otoliths is dedicated to the memory
of Louie Crew Clay & Michael McClure,
contributors to earlier issues of Otoliths;

to David Dungay, Jr. a 26-year-old Dunghutti man who had a talent for poetry that made his family endlessly proud. Prison officers stormed his cell on December 29, 2015 after he refused to stop eating a packet of biscuits. He was restrained, administered a sedative, & died. Dungay’s last words were
“I can’t breathe;”

& to George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, who was killed on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest. A white police officer knelt on Floyd's neck for almost eight minutes while Floyd was handcuffed & lying face down, begging for his life & repeatedly saying
"I can't breathe."
Despite over 430 Indigenous deaths in custody in Australia since 1991, no one has ever been convicted.

Mark Young
in lieu of an editorial

Guy R. Beining
Two Series

Kim Trainor
Two Poems

Louise Landes Levi
Three Poems

Texas Fontanella & Brandstifter

J. D. Nelson
Ten Poems

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Thirteen Pieces of Vispo

Sanjeev Sethi
Five Poems

Simon Perchik
Three Poems

Debiprasad Mukherjee
12 Circulars for Missing Persons

Scott Helmes
Haiku with Friends

Jon Skolnik

Cecelia Chapman
House of Miracles
If the dog doesn't bark
don't bite it, 1 & 2

John Grey
Four Poems

Elaine Woo
Three Visuals

Jim Meirose
Self-Serve Pet Wash-Stop Station

James Croal Jackson
Factory Friend

Jürgen O. Olbrich
Two visuals, two Wordworks

Ace Boggess
Three Poems

Kristin Garth
The Sweet Seduction of Willy Wonka

Javant Biarujia
Pages from The Taneraic Dictionary
Translations plus Pataphysical Interpretations of some Petits Poèmes en Prose by Charles Baudelaire

Christian ALLE

Craig Cotter
Four Poems

Angela Caporaso
Two Visuals

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Four Poems

Aimée Keeble
Two Poems

Daniel de Culla
Nine Visuals

Seth A. Howard
Three Poems

Jon Riccio
Dorothy Zbornak with a Haibun by Igor Stravinsky

Jim Leftwich
Williams, AZ vispo
Williams, AZ Vispo (cont'd)

Jim Leftwich, John Crouse,
John M. Bennett
The Virus Variations

Albert Pellicer & Márton Koppány
Two collaborations

Lynn Strongin

hiromi suzuki
Cactuses Have the Various Flowers

Jack Galmitz
At a loss

Carol Stetser
Corona Suite

Richard Magahiz & John W. Sexton
Five Poems

John M. Bennett
Twelve Pieces of Vispo
Text Poems

Laurent Grison

Paul Ilechko
Three Poems

Joel Chace
The Plague Year

Texas Fontanella & Stuart Wheatley
Nine Visual Pieces

Kyle Hemmings
Interiors I to VII

Howie Good
Three Poems

Jessie Glass
Two Visuals & Two Poems

Matthew Schmidt
Five Poems

Mary Kasimor
Four Poems

Olivier Schopfer
Doors (cont'd)

Jeff Bagato
Two Poems
Ten Pieces of Vispo

Kit Kennedy
Five Poems, Two Visiblink pieces

Richard Biddle
Five Pieces of Vispo

Adam al-Sirgany
Bless me, , for I have

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
Summer mail2020

Zebulon Huset
Two Poems

Eric Mohrman
Three Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Four "Wasted Poems"

Susan Gangel
Family Album (1) & (2)

Jessy Randall
Six Poetry Comics

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Feeding Her Hunger

Andrew Topel
An Untitled Series, Plates 1-12
An Untitled Series, Plates 13-25
sound off 1 to 7

John Bradley
Three Poems

Anindita Sarkar
Three Prose Pieces

Mike Callaghan
circling and finding

Adam Aitken
Five Poems

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
Six Ways of Looking at a Magpie

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah
Three Paintings

Olchar Lindsann
A Miscellany

Mark Roberts
Three Poems

Ruggero Maggi
Six Visuals

Milton P. Ehrlich
The Past is Never Dead

J.J. Campbell
Two Poems

Jeff Harrison
Two Poems

Joanna Walkden Harris & Pete Spence
Two Poems

Jill Jones
Five Poems

Scott MacLeod
Passenger List I-Ching 1-6

Ryan Shane Lopez
The Clench

Tom Beckett
Two Poems

Judith Skillman
Five Paintings

David Rushmer

Jeff Crouch & Diana Magallón
Four Visual Pieces

Clara B. Jones
Supreme Court

bart plantenga
Two Lists from LIST FULL

John Wesick
Ramparts of Indifference

gobscure & Texas Fontanella
Ten Pieces of Vispo

Two Videos

Alex McKeown
Three Poems

Diana Magallón
Four Visuals

Randee Silv
It's Already Gone

Elmedin Kadric
Five Visuals

Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett
Five Collaborations

Tony Beyer
Four Poems

Keith Higginbotham
Four Poems

J. Crouse
In Italics

Dave Read
More Pages from an Asemic Journal

Ivan Klarić
Rain in Dubrovnik

Keith Nunes
Divergent Disorder, 1 – 4, + A Poem

Richard Kostelanetz
from V poems

Texas Fontanella
Fatal Breath, Part 1

John Levy
Five Poems

Stephen Nelson
Three Outdoor Asemic Pieces

Kevin Stebner
Four Typewriter Visual Poems

chapters from Autobiography of a Book
as told to Glenn Ingersoll

Connor Orrico
Three Poems

Jim Leftwich
Egggoner Nineteen

Valeria Sangiorgi
Nocturnes, Part 1
Nocturnes, Part 2

Eric Hoffman
Translations of Ozaki Hōsai

Joe Balaz
A Visual + Four Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Parallel Space I-III, & an afterword

Stu Hatton
Three Poems

Vivek Prahlad
Six Photographs from Japan

Nick Nelson
Carl and Conrad

Dörthe Huth
Two Poems

Kristine Snodgrass

Hrishikesh Srinivas
Two Poems

nicky melville

Penelope Weiss
Two Meditations

John M. Bennett & Texas Fontanella
Three Pieces of Vispo

Mridula Kashyap
Blighted Land

Marilyn Stablein
Terra Incognita

Dani Netherclift
Lifelines / deep white

Bob Heman
The Arrival (V)

Julie Sampson
Four Poems

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Ten unphotos

Jonathan Minton
A Review of Joel Chace's Threnodies

Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

Theodore Worozbyt
Five Prose Poems

M.J. Iuppa

Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack

Katrinka Moore
Three Visuals

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Nine Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Three Visuals, Three Text Pieces

Cherie Hunter Day
Six Collages

Alan Chong Lau
Five Poems

K Roberts
Two Visual Pieces

Danni Storm
Seven Erasures of Seven Translations
of the end words of Baudelaire's
Tristesses de la lune

Katie Fanthorpe
A sense of wellbeing

Alberto Vitacchio & Carla Bertola
An Introduction
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Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.