Jeff Bagato

Gravy Binge

gravy gravy gorgon gravy
gorgon gravy
lipstick gravy
lovely gravy
lady gravy
gorgon gorgon gorgon gravy
gravy gravy
magic gravy
get this gravy in your life

living gravy
pick this gravy
gorgon gravy watch tonight
wish for tinsel
shiny tinsel
tinsel tinsel zombie tinsel
waking tinsel waking up
dreamland tinsel
wonder tinsel
wonder wonder
walking wonder
weeks of wonder
medusa wonders
what she’ll watch tonight

keepsake gravy
wonder gravy
lovelife gravy tinsel gravy
laughlines gravy
tinsel laughlines
gorgon loving lovelife tinsel
tinsel tinsel laughline gravy
gorgon tinsel
tinsel tinsel
tinsel wonder shiny wonder
wish for wonder here tonight

gorgon laughlines always laughlines
laughlines gravy gorgon gravy
living laughlines living gravy
gorgon gorgon always gorgon
pick this tinsel pick this gravy
lipstick tinsel gorgon wonder
lovelife lipstick gorgon lipstick
tinsel tinsel lipstick gravy
waking gravy
waking laughlines
gorgon waking
up she’s waking
just to watch tonight

Rainbow Kettle

harddrive rainbow sexy rainbow
follow rainbow win a prize
win a basket
win a kettle
win a mattress
win a cruise

rainbow halo teflon halo
angel polish angel shine
polish silver
polish trophy
polish sports car
polish gold

electric halo electric rainbow
electric pizza electric gun
electric angel rainbow angel
snappy angel snappy heater
halo angel rainbow sports car
clover toothbrush clover gum
sexy pizza lots of toppings
sexy toothpaste sweet and sassy
electric sexy rainbow sexy
angel sexy sexy potion
rainbow potion bubble gum
clover potion happy potion
sports car potion halo sugar
pizza soapbox pizza gun

rainbow hairplugs sassy basket
electric burger teflon trophy
rainbow trophy picnic angel
clover pizza pizza mattress
picnic mattress pizza cruise

fry this soapbox
fry this pizza
fry this harddrive
fry this gun

fry this rainbow
fry this halo
fry this trophy
fry this cruise

click this teflon
click this job line
click this pizza
click this beer

click for french fries
click for hairplugs
click for halo
click for cruise

fill a sports car
fill a basket
fill an angel
fill a yacht

fill a mattress
fill a kettle
fill a rainbow
fill a pot

under rainbow find a TV
under rainbow find a potion
under rainbow find a sports car
happy rainbow don’t miss out

happy rainbow find a kettle
happy rainbow find a trophy
happy rainbow find an angel
under rainbow pick your cruise

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