John M. Bennett

“...les fougues de chair vive...” (Aimé Césaire)

page en blanc feuille nul porte
ouverte je vous mange le ciel des
pierres invisibles pierres nuages mes
paroles lucides sheets windows itchy chair's
broken arms chair du vent irrésistible
saucepan of steaming socks 'n tongues uh
gravel wind your leg remembers what yr
forking finger touched what gasoline bent
before la hojarasca de tu ojo inesperado ta
porte fermée was tooth water drips from
broken finger was an orange swollen with
rain and sand ,blue screens knives muddy
towels knotted avec ta histoire des masques
de caoutchouc ,de bouches sans clés bouches
de serpentes de langues emplumées avec
popotes ,dormilonas en la pirámide del aire
vacío y carmesí

haploslope   diplohole

El Vidente

...look into the shallows of
inner outer space...

mist and smoke threads up
past spires smoky plaza was a
br ick rising was a th umb
naked in its seve rance
yr foot k icks knee tw
isted in passport soup's
rotten cage awash damp shirts un
derwear broke pants f orks a
shadow soars a fl
ashlight drips with lau
ndry oil fer mented
prince glows dans une vitrine with
charred dollars and cockroaches
,it's the crystalline door
shattered into wind w ind of
handcuffs whirring to be free o
zits and lungs thick with
ballpoint pens flags twisted into k
nots e yes lla ves d
rain exp lodes my fac
e a list crumpled in a
buried jar clouds
pour from n ear my

e    a    r    s


tattooed worm daughter
- for Iván Argüelles

slab tomb mouth turns wide street
shines in rain yr knee fumarole
worm's writhen words sloppery phonemes
in g uttered trash          elbow's next
long lang gut tus ojos resbalosos tus
ijis resbalisis ling wirds wirms
loop around my face liip ariund laaap
agriund age if falling          ¡ay la hija
dentro mi brazo!   ¡abra znada!      abruma es...


es abismo
s abism


que me escribe lah nadah
que me nada por las orejas renales


La Corona

eye torn saw's blood comb edged inder
flomd glack spled cross em spaem rundt
sand stwirls bloody window fleels clost
mumb fooot slist me itchly legg slabb me
sakg flought sed indorent why you me
yelling at
clogandormently ,rangor mouth
wall closes an air cracks off ,was slaw and
dust was melt falter ,stringy tongue a   a    a
,furnace ,c'est une “crise cardiaque sans
flash” (Mathieu Nuss)
y una barranca a    a     a
testada de bahsura somáticah ,thigh worn
in mud's wet bomb dredged the thinner
lake evaporant ,compaction slab and wreck
thudthudthud furls yr lost egg crust dissolves the
clangor brims the lint whines the days months leaks

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