Kit Kennedy

Red chairs are the preference of fairy tales. If this thought is new to you, slip into it slowly. You probably want to plan ahead. Red chairs rarely have cushions.

I always root for daisies.

The kitchen is where you get to the center of things. It is widely practiced that in the center lost and found reunite.

You find the dazzle of currents in everything. You followed the lure of sizzle to the end of the continental land mass. You stood and believed the sea would host a string of islands where fish so pristine as to be eaten raw. The sun had your back. But you didn’t factor in, night had you in her back pocket.

Just Saying

everyone is talking
about this season’s
twin ballerinas
but I’m fascinated
with the stage set
painted to look like
slabs of concrete
zoom in, take in
the beauty of that

Kit Kennedy has published seven collections of poetry including while eating oysters (CLWN WR BKS, Brooklyn, NY). She serves as Poet in Residence at SF Bay Times and Resident Poet of Ebenezer Lutheran Church. Work has appeared in Otoliths, First Literary Review - East, haikuniverse, Great Weather for MEDIA, Gyroscope, among others. Please visit: poetrybites.blogspot.com.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Love the work, Kit.
I'm especially thrilled with "I always root for the daisies."
Thanks for the audio/visual experience.

9:40 PM  

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