Susan Gangel

Family Album (1)

Hey what clock can’t stop
Sand hick substance foamer

Useless fathom and departing frame
Sport his stupid tie

Add a certain hedged bet
And concert to the grim fund

Never dread a peaking strum
My pond dips toward Long Island

Rubble tips apart the ethos
Got too far along the edge

Shouts if they ripen
Forgone glossy voice tag

One set of high heels
Knocks hard on the upstairs floor--

Our version of heartbreak
Taped together

Family Album (2)

Talk of home wintered, as the nextdoor neighbors looked on.
The roof cracked on the bird area, and legions of loading docks
groaned without reward.


Checking the laundry, she brushed against the wet hedge
and felled the bribe.


Enter the doughnuts for the bums in top coats cheering the wrong team.
She unzips her talent with a smile.


Edgy art could ferry the depths to the island town.
He/she /it was falling.
We tried to catch fish.
It was never the same again.

Susan Gangel is a San Francisco poet and vispo artist who often collaborates with the most unsavory characters. Her work has appeared in Otoliths, sagebrush gallery, and poetrybites.
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