Randee Silv

It's Already Gone

Another: Sinking into hollow pools lined with dense thickets, she whispered to them and she to us. She said that there was no name for what he had discontinued. He claimed a grassy hill. She an arpeggio. Transferring between here and there went on until morning. She lay on a mat woven from leavings & leftovers. Numbed by token relics dressed in masquerade, the thinking of discarded thoughts spun like a pendulum unable to stop. Little separates unless you desire it. Bypassing only deepens the mess. Dried tears never roll fast enough. Somewhere on the agenda they vowed to balance on fingertips, to arrive without traveling. I watched as we entered into the sweep of each colored silk. Flocks of geese flew by as expected. Private. Public. Ramble. Edit. It’s already gone.

Variables: The ceiling rendered her speechless. To compare backing up with backing off is simply off topic. She’s shuffling facts and accuracy like a deck of cards. Substitutes can’t be swallowed. You can’t convert triangular locomotions on rocky ledges stapled vertically smooth. There was a large uproar counting down from ten. Comments swell skittish pursuits. Overdramatic. Comically cramped. Requiries succumb to scramblings. She’s holding a whisk without a bowl. Xxaggerations harbor stilted emissions. Explaining things will be the subject of her next talk.

Abstract painter Randee Silv’s wordslabs, asemic drawings, visual & videopoems have appeared in Otoliths, Slowforward, Utsanga, Asemic Magazine, Posit, Urban Graffiti, Maudlin House, Bone Bouquet and Cabinet of Heed, among others. She’s the editor of Arteidolia and the literary arts journal swifts & slows: a quarterly of crisscrossings.
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