Ruggero Maggi

14.5 x 20.8cm. 2020.

In profondità
21 x 29.7cm. 2020

Incontro al vertice
21 x 29.7cm. 2019

23 x 30cm. 2020

Andante con moto Olivetti

26 x 34cm. 2014

Virus Insospettabile Rasoio Umano Speranza?
2020   *

*Ruggero Maggi writes: "This title is an acronym.

V erità                  (truth)
I nsospettabile    (unsuspecting)
R asoio                 (razor)
U mano                (human)
S peranza?          (hope?)
Frozen life, total or almost immobility, many birds in the sky and no contrails of planes ... Nature is slowly taking back the air and the seas ... until when?
But won't we be the real virus?
Earth is giving us a warning, let's seriously think about what to do AFTER.
PS: You know the ending of the book by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds and the end of aliens who had the unfortunate idea of invading Earth? Despite all the weapons available to humans, the beings were destroyed only when exposed to bacteria and microbes ... maybe now the aliens or rather the alienated have become us."
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