Alan Chong Lau

diego #1 by alberto giacometti
(nasher sculpture garden, dallas)

i’m a bundle
of nerves
neurons, synapses
snap, crackle & pop
it’s my face
that keeps it
all intact

diego #2 by alberto giacometti
(nasher sculpture garden, dallas)

i only remember
in his studio
lighting up
cigarette after cigarette
begging me
to keep still

banana on this sidewalk

after rats
gnaw out
the soft white flesh
it rains

what’s left
a yellow dugout canoe
filled with water
filled with mud

david bourdon and gregory battock, 1970 by alice neel
(blanton museum of art, austin)

sometimes this
room’s not big
for two

and just wants
to eat us up

other times
our love
is a ladder
we climb
to go out
the window

elevating us
above the gum-filled sidewalk
and into the clouds
that sit
on our heads
like fluffy crowns

self-portrait as a photographer

wrapped in this shroud
my fingers dance
around a fire
light is just an eraser
rubbing out my face

Alan Chong Lau is a Seattle-based poet and artist. He is represented by ArtXchange gallery. He serves as the arts editor for the International Examiner, an Asian American community newspaper.
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