Connor Orrico

stochasticity of being heard

llelllephepeeplehhlehplel one point seven five four
pllellhlhhhlhlepllllelheh three eight five nine six
hplphehpphpelppeeelpppeee four nine one two two
hephppleplphllehlepllpehe eight zero six percent or
hllhpplleellehlppelllhlle one to fifty-six odds of
lehppepleeleeeleephhlpplp the cry being heard and
hhhhpllephlhellephlpehhpp yet how quick we are to
lehleeeephhphppppehelhlph burden the hurting with
lhlhpeeelpeppppleppllhelp the onus of asking for

paradox of priority

love lust                  lust love
   lovelust             lustlove
      lovleust       lusltove
         loluvest lulostve
      llusovet       llovuste
   lustlove             lovelust
lust love                  love lust 

realization of psychopathology

again stillness
against illness

no will
now ill

Connor Orrico is a medical student and field recordist interested in global health, mental health, and how we make meaning from the stories of person and place we share with each other, themes which are explored in his words in The Collidescope, Burning House Press, hedgerow, and X-Peri, as well as his sounds at Bivouac Recording.
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