Dörthe Huth

Discussing environmental protection

In my class
we tell about life in the EU community
               the participants bring pastries and tea
we deal with democracy and freedom
               the cookies on disposable plates
we talk about the old and new home
               the tea in disposable cups
we plan the future of our children
               everything is quickly purchased and
we discuss environmental protection
               just as quickly wasted.

Eating death

               Diana doesn't hunt anymore
               bow and arrow shoot only apples
               separated from her shield
               she pushes soy sushi in front of her
               when she turns into the vegan restaurant
               her sandals no longer smeared with blood.
               Does she regret it?

It is incomprehensible to me
the pleasure of mussels is supposed
to create a connection to nature
killing fishes provides
a feeling of freedom
chasing a fox
can be fun
I was made guilty
when I had to taste it as a child.

               Eating death to defeat it
               rebellion against life.

Dörthe Huth is a writer and psychological advisor from Germany. She holds an M.A. degree in German, Psychology and Computational Linguistics. In addition to several book publications about wellbeing she is also represented with her poems, essays and short stories in anthologies and literary magazines.
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