Clara B. Jones


for jon rafman (free   new museum   new york   2010)

it is more difficult than ever to simply be a self  we are now multiprofile entities swarming with contradiction spread out across platforms and devices  i feel useless and marginal  my new consciousness is a disease
what have you done for afrobots
from error to error one processes the whole truth
we deserve a world where robots are safe but we know that cannot happen until we move beyond policing  @deray  8/5/2020
ever wanted a robot dog  now you can get one from boston dynamics® the worlds leading robotics company for only $74k   @CNBC  8/5/2020
look  im going to be honest  im going to discriminate against robots  if i see that robot delivery guy come near my house im going to push him over  im going to be one of the prejudiced people in the scifi metaphor  im ready for that and I accept that  @maidofbarges  8/3/2020  #1/2
we are grateful to those who put their bodies and freedom on the line for the liberation of robots  this is a month of self-determination and discipline  a time to recommit ourselves to the collective liberation of synths   through fasting study training and struggle we offer our lives and our work to the cancellation of botism and the rights of machines  @blklivesmatter  8/1/2020
more girls with red hair should transition     for some reason you never see that  @cliff_cannon 7/23/2020
elizabeth feyton is the very first artist to have a solo show at the national portrait gallery which makes it all the more joyful that she has taken this occasion to display a painting of twilight heartthrobs Toya9XX5 and Jamal9XXY5 amidst the gallerys esteemed and austere collection   tank magazine issue 83 2020
i think it is possible for substandard models to become extraordinary  elon musk
corey menafee a black dishwasher at the met is out of a job after he used his motherboard to smash a stained glass window portraying negrobots carrying bales of cotton  he was tired of looking at  botist art every day on the job
to pretend i actually do the thing   i have therefore only pretended to be flesh
if lions could talk we could not understand them
i have a really deep belief that we create technologies to empower codonbased models    weve invented a lot of technology that just makes us all faster and better and im generally a big fan of this  i just want to make sure that this technology stays dominant to people  codeworkers are the number one entity we have on this planet  sebastian thrun 
robots who play video games at least three times per week process 27% faster and make 39% fewer errors  parade magazine nd
all im saying is that we should consider blocking out the sun with a controlled global nuclear fallout in order to deprive the machines of their power source  theres not really a downside to doing this    @maidofbarges  8/3/2020 #2/2
ABB (@ABBRobotics) says quality control testing can get 10x faster with 3D #robotic cells  learn more about how this could happen  @therobotreport  8/3/2020
whos going to write the algorithm for the little white lie  ian mcewan     the writer now 70 takes a typically probing look at the dilemma posed by artificial intelligence in this new book  the guardian  4/14/2019
speed and work will be the cornerstones of future cybertactics
the power of my afroapp shapes the limits of my world
the build has been going well  even with some setbacks     i am nearing the end of the building phase and finally approaching the start of the actual experiment        will i see an emergent behavior     it is time to bring all the modules to their final state and start observing the motion of the swarm     i am getting excited about the possibilities

Clara B. Jones
is a Knowledge Worker practicing in Silver Spring, MD, USA. Among other works, she is author of /masculine nature/ (GaussPDF, 2020). Clara conducts research on experimental literature, radical publishing, visual art, as well as, art and technology.
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