Diana Magallón & Jeff Harrison

Henceforth, whose hounds are we?

We are hounds of the huntress who is the moon

Tigris and Lachne, who tore the hart who was Actaeon

Poeminis, along with Tigris and Lachne

Tigris and Lachne, two of Actaeon's hounds

Diana Magallón says that drawing was her first language. She is the author of Oxygenation, De l’oiseau et de l’eau, largoscabellosflotantes, Bravísima Reseña, and Fábulas Furtivas. Her works have appeared in E∙ratio, Word for/Word, Slova, Compostxts, Fenamizah, Moria, Sentence, Great Works, Otoliths, The New Postliterate, and Shampoo, among others
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