Pete Spence

Where are my Legs?

gnu      husk      memorandum
      where are my legs?
i'm not going out until
the wind is packed away!
i'm buoyed enough! although
i like the flood of light
lifting things in the room
i roam in      no discretion
in the lines i lift today
and days to come!      ape!
trash      louvre      tinsel
      i could talk to a toucan!
i think i'll vague a while
enjoying the still bright air

Some Whittling Notes.

on top of Ben Nevis whittling a haggis

whittling a magnifying glass

instant whittling         whittling a sashay

whittling (both) summer and winter socks

whittling wisps        whittling a sandpit 

whittling a small mountain because the landscape needs it

whittling an narcissus could be difficult depending how you see yourself!

whittling a harmonica       a harpsichord

whittling a banjo       whittling a saxophone

whittle some harmonies for that!

whittling recipes

whittling a menu for LUNCH

whittling some cherry-pie

Pete Spence was born in 1946. He is a poet, visual poet, editor, and filmmaker, and has worked in various jobs to cover the ongoing deficit.

A collection of his visual poetry, 5 X Y, was published last year by Red Fox Press as part of the C'est Mon Dada series.
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