Paul Pfleuger, Jr. & Jack Galmitz


where am I outside technology
to this day I still think of Prometheus
found him in her spam   
proud of his fire gift and metallurgy 
downed statues punctuate our living rooms
now I need the sky to know the time	
like happening on a simile that affects backwards 
this is what I write and what I die 
blue pencil this I express
tapestry of an autumn night colorless
distorted season thought revised	
was it wrong to walk upright and out of the forest  
into ideas beneath smarter than art      
and what to say that the Passenger Pigeon is gone and won't return
burning and spreading around us the hoax
a brain eating amoeba is on the loose
taste outside the free world
when you awake everything will look better yesterday
facing the green long past in the window
savor a draught of acid rain
scars we leave demand commuting
why not wear long sleeves to cover those tracks


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