Jack Galmitz

Aphasia for Beginners

what day is it
I can't find the word
for it and it's gone
crazy come on
come back to me
someone will steal you
and feed you and we'll
never see each other again
you'll forget me you will
pass as if you never were
there will be a hole
in history come on
walk beside me by the sea
we'll listen to the sound
of distant land we'll listen
to the whispering beachgrass
we were here weren't we
doesn't it mean anything
it does to me

And Then A Loud Call Came

I could scream so loud
so long that my voice
could be heard bouncing
off the wall at the end of the world
the lead is razor thin
painful it is to someone
else who wants to win
we just can't make the call
but we will god granting
we summon the courage
and the citizens calm down
and don't gather in camouflage 
and bear arms because after all
in order to protect the state
it's their essential right
or some said it was on the right
we're opening the valves so to speak
each day to let the steam escape
to avoid an explosion
you can understand our caution
We follow Sun Tzu's warning
to leave an outlet free
for surrounded forces
else they'll strike
like a pit of snakes in a dank cave
at the torch of light you're holding

Voice Over

Having said that
we'll be back
we feel confident
in the rest of the map
and our chances
of taking it back
rest assured
get some sleep lucid dreams
might help a bit an update
he's going back to the house
she's going back to the house
this just in: he lost his seat;
she lost her seat
it just goes to show
money can't buy an estate
let's break away, let's break
we'll be back
this just breaking, an exclusive
the wolverine state
camped on mishigami of the ojibwe people
builder of cars and home to lumberjacks
and fruit growers and paramilitary members
(who tried to execute the governor)
has turned back to blue
a swinging door if there ever was one
and it's late, so we'll break now
and pick up tomorrow

Jack Galmitz prefers the imaginary to the real. He spends most of his time alone creating stories and 
visual images only some of which make it to paper. He is nearing 70 and hoping that Herman Hesse was 
right: that after death we enter our dreamworld.
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Blogger Unknown said...

Nice batch of poems, Jack. Strong endings in all three. Isn't it nice the election is over?

2:54 AM  
Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

It sure is!
However I am worried about the rise of right wing domestic terror and its continuing presence on the internet and in the country.

9:40 PM  

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