Issue sixty Date of Publication February 1, 2021.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2021 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Christian ALLE
Six Visuals

Constant Laval Williams
Three Poems

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

Seth Leeper
Two Poems

Kelsey Swancott
Three 100-word Stories

hiromi suzuki
Reversed Time

DS Maolalai
Three Poems

Louise Landes Levi
Behind The Buddha's Mask

Diana Magallón & Jonathan Minton
from Letters

S. K. Kelen
Three Poems

Lynn Strongin
Rag Dolls
More Poems

Arrowsmith Forge
Three Poems

Pete Spence
An untitled Poem

Kon Μarkοgiannis
Eight Visual Pieces

Jim Leftwich
The Four Oaks Poems
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Michael J. Leach
Two Poems

Mark Danowsky
Two Poems

Timothy Pilgrim
Two Poems

John Stickney
from Moby Dick

Jack Galmitz
Three Poems

Doug Bolling
from Scree

Michael Sikkema
Character Light, 1 – 3

Kristin Garth
Also Wildflowers

Kyle Hemmings
Six Photographs

Joanna Walkden Harris & Pete Spence
Two Poems

Elaine Woo
Three Visuals

Craig Cotter
Two Poems

Charles Borkhuis

Mary Kasimor
Three Poems

Kyle Seibel

Vernon Frazer
Four Poems
Through a Glassy Look

Judith Skillman
Five Paintings

Owen Bullock
Four Text Pieces

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Waiting for Pufin, (1 – 7)

Nathan Whiting
Six Poems

Seth A. Howard
Three Poems

Diana Magallón, Jeff Crouch, & Jonathan Minton
More from Letters

Ian Goodale
A Miniature Revolution

Barnaby Smith

Chidambar Navalgund
Three Visual Pieces

Jeff Harrison
Five Poems

John M. Bennett & Adam Roussopoulos
Ten Pieces of Vispo

J. D. Nelson
Five Poems

Darrell Petska
Six Short Prose Pieces

Karl Kempton
12 Sand Scores
Scores 1 & 2
Scores 3 – 5
Scores 6 – 9
Scores 10 & 11
Score 12

Jenny Enochsson
Göran’s Jaunt

Jen Schneider
Eight Text Pieces

Ryan Scott
The Lionel Whittledowne Memorial Library

Nico Vassilakis
Just a Thought

Doug Jones
from Posts

Olivier Schopfer
Strolling through Thessaloniki

Tom Montag
Ten Poems After The Chinese Masters

Simon Perchik
Three Poems

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Two Poems

AG Davis
Three Self-Portraits

Naomi Buck Palagi
Four Poems

Scott Helmes & Carol Stetser

Tony Beyer
Three Poems

Tom Beckett
My Limitations

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
CORONA WINTERLETTERS 2021: waiting 4 the vaccine

Vera Constantineau
Two Poems

Eric Hoffman
Translations of Haiku by Ozaki Hōsai

Bruno Neiva
On Photography

Clara B. Jones
The Sand Pit

Dave Read
More Pages from the Asemic Notebook

Bob Lucky
Three Tenderized Buttons

3 chords and the truth

Harvey Huddleston

Isabel Gómez de Diego
Four Photographs

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
Majestic Beasts

Richard Kostelanetz
Authored By Me

Kathup Tsering
Five Visual Poems

M.J. Iuppa
Two 100-word stories

Penelope Weiss
Three Poems

John M. Bennett & Jeff Crouch
collapbs, a silly series

John M. Bennett
Nine Pieces of Vispo

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Two Poems

David Lohrey
Two Poems

Lewis LaCook
Three Text Pieces

George Myers, Jr.
Eight Pieces of Vispo

Nathan Anderson
At the Base of the Volcano

Jake Sheff
Mad Judy in the Graveyard

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
40 Minor Displacements
10 Paired Sentences

Keith Nunes
Six Poems

Jeff Bagato
More Trash Vispo

Kell Nelson
Three Visuals

Anna Cates
JULY 2020

Elmedin Kadric
Three Visuals

Andrew Pascoe
Three Poems

Toby Fitch
Two Calligrammes
Captain's Cull

Marcia Arrieta
Five Collages and Seven Poems

Jim Meirose
Frankenstein's Juggernaut

Joel Chace

John Levy
Six Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Pandemic Fatigue

K.S. Ernst & Sheila E. Murphy
Five Pieces of Vispo

Natsuko Hirata
Midnight Cape

Alan (Chong) Lau
Two Poems & Three Paintings

Alberto Vitacchio
Eight Visual Poems
Eight More Visual Poems

Claudia Serea
Three Pieces of Memoir

Steven Fraccaro
From Skeleton Keys

Bob Heman
An Untitled Collage

Randee Silv
hurdled into single seconds

Valeria Sangiorgi

Mark Pirie
Four Poems

Casey Bush
Two Poems

Carla Bertola
Many Thanks

horace p sternwall
my town

Michael Brandonisio
Five Visuals

Kirsty Lewin
Two Prose Poems

Eve Rifkah

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Three Untitled Poems

Vassilis Zambaras
Five Poems

Edward Kulemin

Thomas Fink & Maya D. Mason
from Cordially Invited

Thomas Fink

Zebulon Huset
Three Poems

Robert Knight
Three Poems

Kristian Patruno
Five Visual Pieces

Adam Rosenkranz
Two Poems

Peter Yovu
Two Poems Beginning With an Altered Line from Y. Amichai

Guy R. Beining
Two Series


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.