Vernon Frazer

Sweetening the Set-Up

granular fantasies
added the fruit of the delirious
             any explanation
                                           past flavor
fast renewal clippings severed
     no reverence     	    every

         in beef splenetics
overreach exceeds the grasp
applied frenetically
                        		 whittle syndrome
     expressed     			   cutting
 tantrum tension     through

pine-scented obstacle elixir displacement

     its cardiac incarcerated
     for deviated septum practices

           oral incarnations
fiction incantations in the moment

          	of consequential truth
          	boring the oracles to furnishing
              			of                	frontage
                    			tarsal         postures

defending the lace of panegyric  

          	facing the blast
          	from its first unrefined implosion
Same Old Song (Again)

keepsake tippets
galvanize perplexity fatigue
listeners add tattle music

     	a gallery about their boulders
     	pressed incendiary tales in liquids

               			controversy fringes arterial epidemics


                    		the implicit equalizer passage
questioned turnpike clerics
                    		gullet libations backlog similarities

               			to mansion laxatives
               			knocking at liniment

slow moves past the blistered monolith

     	a whetted mantel itself
     	scrambled tablecloths to phonetics 	
     	add graphic therapy

               			to see padlocked ventricle theft


     	waterline padlock
                              			incoherent throttles

                    		      simplifications actually sigh
               			dreadfully                     	plastic
when enterprise turnovers vary       pabulum

                                   			and add itself

     	    fax refusal                			 bedtime lion
     	nestling the other        	          vertical
           	nonstop                      			       gall
          		             horizontal molehill


watercourse reflector scattering
dry slow namesake his graphic bowels

tempest to experience
matriarch loaves become lips

     on hatbox
                                         of roadsters
a clambered libretto swelling past expiration

Elvis Impersonated

innuendo transfer packet
bleeds the core’s incipient revenge
no plastic left to allusion

or suede metaphor
bucking white leather impersonations
turning vinyl blue

as a sustained howl between pitches


an epithet requests its ransom
no narrative trains to the blues
or stations left for passing time

stranded on the roadhouse legend

a myth pursues its distant mirror
fringes too mainstream for margins
to match the irrational pageantry 

a story another time will remember

Falling on Land and Sea

fallible foliage
flees browning autumnal paths

the sword package assembly plan

mirrors the fading dust
fashion boards imposed on canned fruit
memory filters
shave the fallen invective parameters


cortical guidelines eliminate
filtering lamination gestures
made before heat precedes

the castaways
making their invariable declamation
a storm gathering 

protest symbols tumbleweed the lot


before downing the party beverage
new angles clinked the rounded glass
where passing lamination vagrants

practice tactical animation clips
no movement left unclipped or matched

adulterated ninja serpents
whose vacant-eyed gardeners tempt
a vendor’s emptied paradise

while surrogate oceans 
vent the threat of a channeled massage

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