Clara B. Jones

The Sand Pit

for Mary Thomas

Fundamentally, you want to change your view of Fondazione Prada since the art of pannini is symbolized by Settis' "Serial Classic" depicting a stolid cyborg in Greek pose in the manner of a god about to enter a temple or a marketplace, receiving grateful sycophants, slaves to myth and antiquity. Everything depends on cats stalking mice at dusk along the pathway to Cayuga crowded with students trekking up Buffalo Street for theater and song like synths take their place beside humans, and devices advise the Thought Council—powerful as Helen's face. The young always bow to Beauty though the old favor gold and fame, knowing that their lives depend on wine and boiled eggs served by servants imported from Chad on ships built in Spain after the war, before Jamal ran the gallery in Ithaca. It was foolish to think that the Thought Council curated the show, but the Lanthanum sculpture made you obsessed with grotesque objects and furry pets.

Clara B. Jones is a Knowledge Worker practicing in Silver Spring, MD, USA. Among other texts, she is author of /masculine nature/ [GaussPDF, 2020]. Clara, also, conducts research on experimental literature, radical publishing, visual art, as well as, art & technology.
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