Andrew Pascoe

fieldtrip (revision)

propelled on firestorms, snapfreezing in donga
my propellant blood 
at the shop life and death
sometimes i felt like there was little seal 
close my eyes & mineral 
this feels precarious; but flight.
feels something, which is challenging in general 
usually just read 
& get tired 
& my skin gets oily 
& this becomes general in the air
little seal 


fluid document


catastrophic brain injury


“taking a bath”
it sucks up the air 
tissues intensifying into a weather system 
which we need to feel now 
in our STUPID ORANGE bodies 
          	condensations 1
do they sound like anything 
or everything 
everyday blasted 
from where there [are] names 
vs not getting the choice to be fatalistic because you are them

1 Ford, Thomas H. "Aura in the Anthropocene." symploke, vol 21 no. 1, 2013, p. 65-82. Project MUSE muse.jhu.edu/article/532811.

Andrew Pascoe is based in Naarm/Melbourne. Previous work includes cones (Bulky News Press) 
and untitled [gorgon chapbook] (SOdPress). 
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