Lewis LaCook


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Some time

The fan kicks on, hustling air from the room, but the room retains its shape. First sip of coffee is sweet and so is the second then a window brimming snow apologizes for sky both aquamarine and salmon. Problem is becoming convinced there is enough. The fan kicks coffee, spends hours on fatalistic shirts but the room complies with cobwebs, brooding winter until it’s hatched. Will artificial orchids suffice? Hexagon, pane, warm dearth, plastic lawn chair mantled in fists of snow. In the end people walk off, the fans kick off, the room rains dust in stunned dormancy, but orchids retrain to sour sun, conversations lag, and shape with conviction is enough. A victim is called for. Enthusiastic tang, eulogy on boundaries, vape juice, the pursuits of desiccated spiders long dim.

You can tell people to walk off their victims but air games sweetness and you have to swallow some time.

The house floats atop

The house floats atop
Churn like the sea, curled with sediment
Holding his belly with a wide open mouth

When she shows him her skin
About the inebriants on hand
To breathe oxygen instead

Darling, I can see the flashing button through my thumb
Suet warmed by rain, listen to us

He thinks it’s a phase
Milky morning light and behind her eyes
Blacktop freckled with blue-blotch ice

Lewis LaCook creates texts, some more narrative than lyrical, some more than uncalled for. His work has percolated beneath the surface for a while, and he collaborated with Sheila E. Murphy on a book-length poem called Beyond The Bother of Sunlight, published by BlazeVOX some time ago. He has written one novel, unpublished, and is in the throes of a first draft of another.
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