Marcia Arrieta


the spider’s web       pieces of charcoal       the old wooden desk

Berryman’s Henry          Thoreau’s cabin          O’Keeffe’s bookroom

full moon         stopped clock         & within parenthesis         ;

temporal grazing the field the woods the garden art writing quilts rafters beams the house quiet between marshlands & tides & music the fences are fragments we scatter seeds the owl observes the mountain lion nearby the sun & dirt in harmony
the coffee cup

slipped from her hand    &     in the design there were
eagles & tigers & roadrunners      pyramids & water & meditation
a dictionary of ideas & miracles          a labyrinth       an oak

imaginary meaning reality crumbs monsters sand feathers Dickinson poems palm trees Bach numbers essays sofas measuring tapes thimbles cigars shells daffodils playing cards everything was in disarray— although the hummingbirds were happy in the garden we are the verbal invaded the houses destroyed to understand the ideological we escape to the minimal shift to the unbound
stratum the influence of solitude the vision of the Mediterranean no perfect definition no organization two chairs in light & the presence of water
Marcia Arrieta's recent work can be found in BlazeVOX, Claw & Blossom, After the Pause, Hole in the Head, bee house, Otis Nebula, & Word For/Word. Her latest books are perimeter homespun (BlazeVOX) & vestiges (Dancing Girl). She edits & publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.

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