Jim Leftwich

Mount Tiresias U-Turn
          (October 2020)

Nags Head, NC

second echo

legume ear luggage
let bot ort be thy toe

anchor's dozen

vale of tinctures
patriarchal zip
triumphant giant
ants in the par
king lot marginal
gangrene ellipsis

progress nearly riprap

gradual ziplock ceiling
kerosene of interruptions
non-particle covid carbon
footprinting in the sandrazors
valet parking corn on the cob
lingering eruptions
carbuncular sandtrap
laser cobbled


bring yodel montane
this art other volume
controvertible ambergris
experience barking
at the torch to touch
by fume a repetitive
sea by boat

nor centaur nor
stages of Detroit
the foul tale the
chamber cradle
theater of night
evenings decomposed
in equitable research
a yellow butterfly 
perched on pinkish
lips ships psychic
slippage thrust to
rust a trust people
epople eopple provoked


looms boasts most above
mud skin cane balaclava
persona embedded juice
and static comb tangram
dissected seven rethinks
moraine chuckwalla brings
toes by noon to the law of
the claw stinks like the news
like power & corrupted news

inverted solution

day acts through the
true thoughts general
tines dropped by paw
droop used tongues
dehydrated by familiar
expectations of reason

memoir talons canary

lore failed the student tale
obserts bristling cairn
holds a fearful teardrop
post-test claiming to
unarm unaimed array
both broths a burn returns
scent of coriander in
the corridors of the bold

taproot guts refusal

brazen forms isthmus
space orchid where
the vertebrates are
still vertical the
spherical spice the
visceral coax tech
coastal controls bane
into crypt cript slowly
misremembered barter

proximity two-pronged

kelp snout eye reasons
reap manage is net
sour gland sharppe
& lesser

mythic socialist workday

formal voltage therein intuitive
the blue wings 
of the canteen order
sweeping up
around the trashcan
we are
carrots venom potlatch

since stands 

quite next
for its parallel
coined rose
inherent notion

Ongoing Research

Collage is a philosophy, not a technique. 

Peaks of Otter campground


meter meat metaphor
meat metaphor meter
metaphor meter meat
metaphor meat meter


metaphor meteor meter meat
meteor meter meat metaphor
meter meat metaphor meteor
meat metaphor meteor meter
meat meter meteor metaphor


madrepore metaphor meteor
metaphor meteor madrepore
meteor madrepore metaphor
meteor metaphor madrepore


meat meet moat mete
meet moat mete meat
moat mete meat meet
mete meat meet moat
mete moat meet meat


manticore meteor madrepore
meteor madrepore manticore
madrepore manticore meteor
madrepore meteor manticore


mud mid mod mood mop
mid mod mood mop mud
mod mood mop mud mid
mood mop mud mid mod
mop mud mid mod mood
mop mood mod mid mud

Peaks of Otter campground 2

far far

far fear fir for fur
fear fir for fur far
fir for fur far fear
for fur far fear fir
fur far fear fir for
fur for fir fear far

fact fact

fact feen fit forb furl
feen fit forb furl fact
fit forb furl fact feen
forb furl fact feen fit
furl fact feen fit forb
furl forb fit feen fact

bat burl

bat bean bird boon burn
bat bent bird boon burl
bait bet bind book burst
bane berm bin boot bum
ban bed bid boost burp
burn boon bird bean bat
burl boon bird bent bat
burst book bind bet bait
bum boot bin berm bane
burp boost bid bed ban

bag bug

bag beg big bog bug
bag bug beg bog big
bag big bug bog beg
big bog bag beg bug
bog beg big bug bag
beg bug bog bag big
bug bag beg big bog
bag big bug bog beg

Peaks of Otter campground 3

Ongoing Research

Asemic writing is polysemic, the opposite of itself.

Since the late 1990s asemic writing has concerned
itself primarily with the definitions of prefixes.

the situation zone

verse annually cut
internally diagonal
neither ornate nor
an orange crate
the oral fire a form
of thumb piano
porous needs like
champagne and

cut like a pie

vitamin bone romanticism
given verbal impressionism
expresso cubic yard sale
parsed the magical medicine
angels aglow with lucidity
a seed is a dare
watch the march of corn
oblong stories
with their predetermined dates

the saturation tone

curse annually cult
in terminal diagonal
either or note nor
a range rate change
crate abate strata
the aural fire a storm
of numb piano
pores seeds like
champ acne and
coma municipalism

hut like a die

vital minim clone
riven verbs ail
expressive rubric card
game parts edited
the mage medium
angles glow with ludic
creed is a snare
batch the parch of horn
job long storming
with their turpentine

the matriculation cone

curse annually sawmill
in elastic lime
ether or rote norms
and castles rate change
crate made by strata
the aural hand a storm
of numb sea slip
ores screeds like
camping acres and
Mount Tiresias

shut like an eye

viral elastic clone
sawmill verbs pill
Mount Tiresias
same arts audited
the page podium
castles glow with ludic
creed made by a stare
snatch the starch of worn
stairs long stemming
with their turpentine sea
slipping gates with their
sea gates slipping

shot like Andy

the glass lime eye
scorched the porch of worms
stairs lung ill oil
with their turpentine sea
pill awl with their
serpentine sea
pull caul gates seeping
sawmill rutabaga catgut
Mount Tiresias
name smarts audible
blue Bible
the sage sodium
muscles flow with static
creep fades by a pair

the micturating comb

curls factual sawmill
inner clastic time
feather nor mote farms
the class mime eye
strata clade by zawn
the karst wand corm
of crumbs thee sleeping
doors screech like
vampire aces strand
Mount Tiresias

South Point, Ohio


cave unintended toe hand
anchor distilled
Mount Tiresias
vast four by chorus
disproportionately healthy


cave unintended toe participates
anchor distilled will comb Sunday
Mount Tiresias
vast four by deciphering
10 minutes informational play


elastic lime eye participates
big lies will comb Sunday
Mount Tiresias
ed behind
it before
ed beyond
rolling needless day shift
origami pools to witness

chef kelp

elastic lime eye slow dawn
big lies will comb Sunday
Mount Tiresias
ed behind castles
it made before
by hand ed beyond
wintry self-holding
forth example we
write 2020 twice

crafts worms

elastic lime eye slow dawn
pill pull awl pawn pule
Mount Tiresias
rutabaga catgut
sawmill pond scum
forth slimes duckweed
bingo dialogue brings


what ask
flips the
act which
fair sharp

field of thaw

visit teeth
who brought
public cueball
the role of
the summer
as a thought
piano back
flips over
three wheels

30 Years Later, Melly Shum

what ask simmer
how soaring
flips the future
watery bacteria
act which senates
fair sharp slime
fending distorts
off nothing

still hates her job

Tuesday visit teeth
ambergris secretary
who cost of cholla
living brought lightning
public cueball solar
cross referenced
the role of pigs
peg the summer
as a thought
driveway right
handed piano 
backflips over
much that
three wheels
process pus puts

When you go, your mind goes with you

1. Prove to yourself that you exist.
2. Find some things that exist and approve of their existence.
3. Existence does not think it needs to improve upon itself.

Ongoing Research

Asemic writing participates in the tradition of zerufe otiot, but not in the tradition of decorative expressionism.

Asemic writing is a spiritual discipline, not a course in the aesthetics of quasi-calligraphic drawing offered by your favorite art school.

Asemic writing is a kind of poetry. Unless you think poetry is a kind of visual art, you have no reason to think asemic writing is a kind of visual art.

Ferdinand, Indiana

the crucible fix

road and the 62 minutes
fontanel caramelized
cartwheels nor napalm
cooked fossil an even seven
with no normally
urgent eye

the delicate wind when

road and the here
nation nor napalm
during fossil an even seven
with no kernel
of an eye

dinner and moss

5 books and the 62 minutes
ribbon snake
breakfast lime eyesore pill
in the valley of unwritten fossils
pledge butler
to the guru

the space toilet

5 voices by anthem by
them and the theorem
gusting decision among
awareness rooms
pandemic milk of mysterious
union of mouths adapting
breakfast & baggy loops
sawmill agenda the
beast diamond lime 
bird lump key neck
pie gerrymandered gymnasts
eyesore in variable
bone gash the western
prepositions the mill pull mold
belt bale the tricarboxylic
acid cycle in the facial
database of unwritten fossils
pledge riddles the real
noetic virus to the guru

parachute anew

elemental voices by books and the 
gusting decision 62 minutes
ribbon snake of mysterious
union breakfast sawmill
lime key pie
eyesore in the key of E
pill mull poll melt pale
in the temperature
of unwritten fossils
pledge butler the real
boa constrictor to the guru

debate in ketchup

same voices by tech and the 
department decision 62 prevent
ribbon snake clear mysterious
union ground-up sawmill
lime bench pressed pie
eyesore saddled the key marks E
pill sunlit poll melt combative
in the ziplock
of unwritten fish
pledge butler Louisiana real
boa potato to the pot boils

metabolized architecture

same voices by tech and metabolized
department decision volumetric prevent
ribbon architectonic clear mysterious
Vishnu ground-up sawmill
lime kick pressed pie
eyesore saddled 1.3% key marks E
pill sunlit poll mourning combative
in the vital signs
of devastated fish
shallots butler fiery real
sandstorm to the naked brainstem

mud cumin vocable

wind a bent bean
air sortilege
you axle yawp
grown aspirin hat ingot
coin borders fallen
dawn mining
wrangles midnight

radial numen entropy

navigates wind a bent bean
air writes sortilege
you axle Frankenstein yawp
grown aspirin hat foraging ingot
engaggled tooth-mirror
coin outlining borders fallen
dawn mining scrutiny
wrangles mutinies midnight

horizontal bell-glass

navigates hexagonal a bent bean
outliving writes sortilege
greenery axle Frankenstein yawp
knotted aspirin hat foraging ingot
engaggled thistle-mirror
blooms purple outlining borders fallen
roadside mining scrutiny
voids mutinies gaps

dismantling circular pedagogy

navigates hexagonal a revised bean
outliving erased sortilege
greenery axle indoctrinates yawp
knotted ceremonies foraging ingot
itself selves thistle-mirror
blooms purple outlining psittacine
roadside basilisk scrutiny
bacterial twelve and soapsuds

Columbia, Missouri

moss phlox

twice music alive those so
a young jolt of amplified
poetry has a disposition to
disappear into the hands
of who is that dancing
the goose protector tap
prickly pear totem shaped
like the sharp handcrafted
absurdity absurd to traverse

he Fred one

official crisis our climate
one note these decades
should fire explain the
process with deadline
grassroots sapling
all week caves is open
to the sign of a cooler
warmth rising through
our corona like convex
mirror sun poems close

at importance move

center music alive those so
a train jolt of amplified
poetry has a mood to
disappear into the excerpts
of space is that dancing
the spice wing trap
prickly pear diablo shaped
like the sharp drainage
absurdity damaged in reverse

he Fred too

official 1.3% our climate
one note sock decades
should coasts explain the
tight light with deadline
phase transition sapling
all week caves benefit
open boiling backdrops
to the norm of a cooler
truth rising frameworks
our system like convex
will gathering histories

the grey utopian sun

center music alive those ten
effortless locations powdery
a train jolt of caul spleen
poetry has a mood knelt sun
to make sleepy headed verbs
disappear into the teeming
of space is that critiques
the spice wing concept
already across diablo believes
like the avid avocado coded
absurdity damaged how-steps

fit to fable a teacher

official 1.3% our fizzles
one note sock second
should coasts threads
tight light with Pigasus
phase transition cough
mind wanted to benefit
from waiting the sheen
to the norm of a wound
shimmers ritual lettering
length queried proximal
hide tongue fragilities

sun grey utopian

ten music alive those
powdery locations
spleen train jolt of caul
sun has a mood knelt
verbs make sleepy headed
teeming into the
critiques space is that
concept spice wing
believes diablo
coded avocado
how-steps damaged

teacher to a fable

fizzles 1.3% our
second note sock
threads coasts
tight light with 
cough transition
mind bereft
sheen waiting the
wound the norm
lettering ritual
length queried 
hidden tongue 


If A, and B, then C.


If A, B, C, D and E are considered from position X
they seem to be related to one another in Pattern 1.

If A, B, C, D, E and F are considered from position Y
they appear to be related to one another in Pattern 2.

If A, B, C, D and F are considered from position Z
they seem to be related to one another in Pattern 3.  

musical morsel

morsel muscle morsel
muscle musical muscle
morsel mucus musical
muscle morsel morsel

crevice nor cheese

of triangulated
discontinuous adverbs
floss the eyes
with cinema

preacher to a table

fizzles 1.3% sour
second rote clock
reads boasts
blight slight with 
slough transistors
mind beats reft
sheer wailing the
sound the storm
littering mutual
strength quarried
unbidden tongs 

not much

not enough 1.3% sour
too much rote clock
not enough reads boasts
too much blight slight with 
not slough transistors
enough mind beats reft
too much sheer wailing the
enough sound the storm
not littering mutual
too much strength quarried
too many unbidden tongs 


wild enough 1.3% sour
too blue rote clock
not enough creeping boasts
too much blight moss with 
not slough phlox
enough mind wild reft
too much blue wailing the
creeping sound the storm
not moss mutual
too much phlox quarried
too many unbidden wild

corridor humidifier

wild enough 1.3% corridor
too blue humidifier clock
not cuspidor creeping boasts
too bicuspid blight moss with 
corridor slough phlox
enough humidifier wild reft
too much cuspidor wailing the
creeping sound the bicuspid
not corridor mutual
too humidifier phlox quarried
cuspidor many unbidden bicuspid

zilch gulch

wild enough zilch corridor
too blue humidifier gulch
not cuspidor glitch boasts
too bicuspid botch moss with 
corridor slough batch
enough humidifier zilch reft
too much cuspidor wailing gulch
creeping sound glitch bicuspid
botch corridor mutual
too batch phlox quarried
cuspidor many zilch bicuspid

dirt perks

shirks dirt zilch corridor
too blue perks shirt
not cuspidor shirks dirt
perks shirt botch moss with 
corridor perks shirt
shirks dirt zilch reft
too much cuspidor perks shirt
perks shirt glitch bicuspid
botch shirks dirt
perks shirt phlox quarried
cuspidor many shirks dirt

nictitating claustrate

nictitating dirt zilch corridor
too claustrate perks shirt
not cuspidor nictitating dirt
perks shirt botch claustrate with
corridor perks claustrate
shirks dirt nictitating reft
too much claustrate perks shirt
nictitating shirt glitch bicuspid
botch claustrate dirt
perks shirt nictitating quarried
cuspidor many shirks claustrate

          (10.5.2020 to 10.14.2020) 

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