Jim Leftwich

Mount Tiresias U-Turn (concluded)

San Simeon, California

quarterly reading
not vitamin church
beckons the 80th
adamant / neither
alphabetical certainty
nor the stomach
and the sword
read aloud / shoes
herring pretense

biological sea

departed hormones
maps and sharps
building material fish
away from the "experimental
ladder" wire moles seeing
for the first time the
abandoned lotus the
barbed wine micro-realities
here in the hostile barracks
of the dictionary

the teeming deems

moth stairs garnish
the petty innovations
of deciduous graphemes
frantic ore once
on the chin the shin

sixteen fires

cubic candles traditional
cranial objectivity each
poached particle
a probable inkling of an
eye / no one assumes
the purpose of their
clothing in public work
/ today, why not connect
the partition to the roof
and the roof to the ceiling
/ between these small,
morbid layers, marathons
glitch coffins, remnants we
recall only by decoding
their songs

bent totality

one before the
state of avid
penumbral semblance
connives / intention
conserves its
anchors / the letter
of the apple

seven months

paper internally
ascribed to the
cold call rendezvous
a piano without
socks / north of
the number 5,
provisional unrest,
inserted and ate
the pronouns

spider web, open

hair to the glass the
floor hidden deeply
through which no
iterations have come
to pass this year
inside the same
artificial immersion

no counties

bac examina pur arc
resou conjun to p


bet sleek display
the second for
how are oblong

urban trash

N3 song view
who architects
around the
wider between
cities across
the scissors

changing often

egg periscope the
burnt sun know
fork higher is less


to form a suit
from a soup
to agree to inkblots
and dealing from
the bottom of
the deck
to inchworm or
not to lunchroom
boundaries invite
playful variations

The Put, and 
The Unput

surges the
raveling band
of Selves
dealing inkblots
from the bottom
of the soup

find them

a movie
tied themselves
to silence
to agree to
an unraveling
brand of

days, also nothing

out of a perceived
need for a post
corona environment
Selves silence
themselves from
the bottom of
their boundaries

In Nevada

in Nevada but
not only in
Nevada there
are picnics &
pianos, even
when we are
no longer in

still left to come

left behind the skies
are clear and the
stakes while Joe
hope to dust their
bungled worse, the
fundamental negations
are dishonest and
unfortunate, right now
and for months to come

yet highly cyclical

realize one out of
denuded vocals
within the screams
of empire there
are and earlier were
improvised naked
noises behemoth
hat crocodile not
your ashen baseball
how can one
decide based only
on human emotions

the sands

your bemind
to creatine
the sans

unknown guts

wake up
in a state 
of unsung


vegetables make use
of the profane air
across time begins in
your different body

six gusts of purview

loss of spiral memories
a moment of grids
which deploy
the grip
not only why
rappel the open water

waving from my canoe

electric foaming this
and Joe Urgency
the cloths are supple
a sliver of eggs
hangs upside down
against the warmth
of a shifting galaxy

the sun-marks

monsters partly visitation
and yet they are
present in the writing
stuffed with shoes
in the pattern of November
sap slips by the seconds
slap nor slop away

Joe His Environmental Interior

and hide your toes
in the last Millennium
milk pennies resume
and count the
climate piano nature
for nothing
organs under shock

trance eyebrows

compression socks
can be site-specific
they enable the 
rancid earth
crammed magic
and compressed
two feel away
from the locally
grown dirt

webbed sycamore

quartets opening
an eye quail
arbitrary videos
unto himself
Sunday Ed and
21st Century Joe
by their puppets
in the snow shall
we know them
by themselves

a slouch of ants

insects no illusion
of moot cows
milking the clock
loosely based
on anthropomorphic
islands and atolls
dark wheat without
bacon one nose
in the air 
and two trees
in the ground

Henry Spirit

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Mike.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Mike.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dMike.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Don.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Don.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dDon.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Frank.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Frank.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dFrank.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Fred.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Fred.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dFred.

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Hank.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Hank.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dHank.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Karl.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Karl.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dKarl.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Larry.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Larry.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dLarry.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Non.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Non.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dNon.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Paul.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Paul.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dPaul.  

Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Rusty.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Rusty.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dRusty.  
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon de Dustin.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon d'Dustin.
Henry Spirit of Empoclyon dDustin. 

He Is Right

I am in a phone booth, being watched by Albert Camus. I know what he is thinking.


spoon mechanic
pixel nexus
flexible carrots
classroom moon


minimum spoon mechanic
pixel immersed nexus
flexible intimate carrots
cannot local
cannot multiple
classroom threatened moon
olfactory identify
robotic unflinching
forgiveness empirical


minimum biopolitical mechanic
pixel immersed climate
flexible intimate facade
cannot dance local
cannot anthropic multiple
classroom flying moon
olfactory mammals identify
robotic splitter unflinching
forgiveness empirical


minimum biopolitical anticipated
voted immersed climate
flexible post-facade
candidate dance local
falling anthropic multiple
transform flying moon
determine mammals identify
rugged splitter unflinching
various empirical


muddy biopolitical anticipated
voted fields climate
flexible post-diversify
candidate sessions local
falling translocal multiple
transform flying expressly
determine mammals summer
rugged splitter simmering
various work to do
stories cast pandemic

no trash

muddy oasis anticipated
hedge fields climate
flexible sludge diversify
rotting sessions local
ratings translocal multiple
rainstorms flying expressly
landfills mammals summer
waterproof October simmering
rake and ferret election
bleeding electric pandemic


muddy oasis scattered
hedge fields flipped
flexible sludge clipped
rotting sessions slippage
ratings thanks Hawaii
rainstorms marking outreach
landfills cougars courage
waterproof ripples crumple
rake and ferret wait
a few hours haunting blue
moonlight bleeding electric 
plants stark roar exactly

millions next

even hoax oasis scattered
on the rabbit fields flipped
these facemasks sludge clipped
required tequila sessions slippage
on Tuesday Coulee thanks Hawaii
rebar radar rotary marking outreach
cringe eggs screech cougars courage
the rest resist ripples crumple
rake cakewalk and ferret beret wait
it but has Americans exercised
cycle cast sacred haunting blue
moonlight futures furniture 
across the flaming piano

shapely barriers

even clamor oasis scattered
on the clam fields flipped
these clamps sludge clipped
required lamp sessions slippage
on Tuesday limp thanks Hawaii
rebar radar clumps marking outreach
cringe eggs screech lumpy courage
the camp sample ripples crumple
the simple amperes await
perilous Americans exercised
cycle cast pearls haunting blue
swirling futures furniture 
across the twirled potato

From An October Notebook

How the oblique 
gate of the 
self rules the 
cage of the 

How the conduit
of writing opens
the oblique gate
of the page

How the liminal
mist of the
self resuscitates
the naked page
during the hour
in which we
choose to sing

knit paper fork
church turtle lurch for lunch
curse of the open text
alligator to a piano
the angels of interpretation
a skim of sage
hymn of the yellow gym
orthodox grotto forehead
the mule-gauge as teeth

The oblique gate
is in fact less
oblique than it
The declarative
sentence sounds
like a statement
of objective fact.

Be semic
See semic

The declarative
sentence looks
like a statement
of objective fact.

Be semiotic
Sea sea rider

asylum mulch

where the
are eggs
and luteous

much of asylum

explox lens
impoxximate 1974
ratio to episode
fracking or
river deer
are pep rallies
frenzy nights
drive harms
impoxx sense
impoxx aspirin

ex-diplo well

bird redacted lens
gambit dust 1974
alien beans
subjectivities or
Social Detroit
weekends of
our many
corners else
wondering elapse

socks with towels

gravitational bird redacted lens
gambit 4-legged dust 1974
alien beans widespread
subjectivities skies or fossils
immediate agile socks
Social virus Detroit vastly
weekends of cosmic
sensitivity our many
collisions corners else
neuroscience wondering elapse

process before November

crazy islands vote their
sentences make disbelonging 
foamy sun / making a second
tea, a second team / the,
the young bleed crises
upon their heads of state

diameter two halts

nominal cancerous conditions
middle pandemic normalcy,
salty use less hinges / medium
cheese entitled to a presence

reminds a soggy onion

umbrella venerated romanticist
sneeze hands half sun / time
and time again, against the
exrequirements of everyone
is a desert unto their proven risk

feral campfires drainage

held islands vote their
sentences drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / lobbyists a second
tea, a second corporate/ the,
the businesses bleed crises
upon their end of the various

reproach and prolific

doubling-down cancerous conditions
six-figure pandemic normalcy,
salty use less swing states / medium
cheese entitled to get out the vote

trade abstract ten walk

umbrella venerated indestructible
origin hands half sun / time
egg-shaped again, against the
eyes cringe cracked everyone
is a desert more than ever unseen

that do to be

held damages vote their
vacant drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / fuzzy broom &
tea, a second spectrum notes
the businesses caulk mad
distill and acclaim the growl

improvised horse & legacy

octopus mushrooming conditions
tune the lights pandemic normalcy,
salty soap notable swing states 
delve errant combats chosen dissect

surfiction stomping drum

umbrella foamy indestructible
origin hands half sun / botch
winter limits worse against the
new waving sulfur everyone
has destructive transit legume

          (10.23.2020 to 10.31.2020)

Jim Leftwich writes:
"My wife and I moved into a van in December 2019. Our timing certainly could have been better. We did quite a bit of "driveway camping" in North Carolina in 2020. That was a version of "sheltering in place". We also spent a lot of time in the deserts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. Our interactions with other people were minimal.We probably spent a month, maybe a little more, on the central California coast between Morro Bay and Monterey. We would take long walks, generally lasting several hours, and maybe encounter two or three other people. We wore gloves and masks when grocery shopping or getting gas. We didn't do much else that required human interaction. After a year on the road, we rented a house in Roanoke. We'll shelter in place here, get vaccinated, and reevaluate our options when our lease expires this coming winter."
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