Joshua Martin

magnetized spittoon & so on

magnetized spittoon
lost among a sea of frozen peas
off the path beaten shrieking Sunday best dressed
must be stolen leeches swimming
in asshole promenade
solemn delights like Esther Williams aquatic ballets
running to be run over
faster than a spinning top down approach
last liver coated rock group stumbled
misfit orangutang gripping close crossed hairpiece
maybe an ego exploding plastic attitude
came to adjusted blame brain on the fritz
justified fires
whiskers abandon dressers
horns wail in silence
hippopotamus orchestrations
variations in e minor
f major 7
& so on into infinite ragdoll glowing
palm up
tracing miniscule soldier of fortune lines
against gross ghostly gushing
we’ll never win
we never could
so what?
bakeries engulfed in sherry flavored popsicles 
need not be applied to hunting
more than enough of a signal to have passed
varieties meaningless
a promise to buy
a reason to die
heave ho
& off we go!

selfless acts of comas

sounds escape VARIATIONS
          	landscapes & the sealed off glass jar
                              			enigma of
the half hopped
                    		frog leg massacre

Whenever we muster the courage
to pierce rotting book covers
we found selfless acts of
                    &		                    		wildly

economic system collapsing

It means more to me than soda or hazard pay 
but less than society’s economic system collapsing
               	in finality
               	culminating as many houseflies as humanly possible
               	in a way that might make burglars blush

discarded merchandise

You heard blood
hurled and turn
to face the squad
of miniscule	
bicycle cowboys
plush in velvet
bomb squad
diamond tiaras
just enough past
time to space the
egocentric scientists
into corner of the
graveyard smelling
salt hospital cafeteria
once ordered now
a disordered sailboat
drifting in discarded
merchandise from
old movie franchises
as if punched
until a grunt
w/o a pouting lip
to skip & skip &
skip away

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the book Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in The Vital Sparks, Breakwater Review, Ink & Voices, The Free Library of the Internet Void, and Paragraph Line. His films have screened at various film festivals including The Pineapple Underground Film Festival, New Filmmakers, Film Al Fresco, Views from the Underground, and The Shooting Wall Film Festival.
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