Vernon Frazer

Murder Getting Away


sonic epithets 
torrid with bitter repetition

     the corval autumn

millennial simulacra
scented polymer magic
scripting foreclosure

      animated jackals
      cry wolf at a destiny winter
           seasons butter 
           a gerbil’s dim innuendo 
           to flight   

implosions caw near the thicket


audacity spectrum
the glimmering gradient shading 

     a slow light, blue  
     vibrato a mirrored reflection  

           seasonal imprint 
           turning a collage
           changes the day
                   to a howl 
                   past its approach
                   coming frost 

                           carries an echo back


the murder repeats
a carport’s gray insinuation

     then flies south
     past the background harvest

intangible pheremones
to sphere within music

         the awkward cause
         of squawking off-balance

                 a signal

           the flight a solo 
           stuck in its caw

                      crackling a low note

                               like foliage 
                               left for summer flossing    

Fiddling the Empire 

runic warden 
attuning to the desert
fog ellipse

         the sullen vector

     a swollen tunic 
     suddenly turns  

           to            its hectic
         the            soundburst


geothermal modem passions
before cholesterol explosions

     burning hectic pleasure
     calls worse than its dis-
     robing eclipsed bearing

                      glyph reduction technique

            rubbing against rock 
            a message dulling a
            sign signfied silence

               when the sector 
               yearning cobra passion        


          a                     deal
      replay	                 sounds
         to	           shake

       a sonic measure stoned implosion
       protests an erosion growing wider

     		        than the surfeit charged  

Reunion Classed

the professed schemer
watches devastation escalate
a bare nothing waterfall

     cosmetic made slush

                     at whatever window
         dim      boosts a confidence
         new     moving every quart
                                reunion approaching
              totaled                      a thespian best
            hairbrush                    worn sideburns

                      noxious voiceover

                           swollen with patois elision

lying in signal bandana                               
the spotlight derailed a curtsy runner

        ts invective mirage covered the offers

                  in curse settings 
                  natal wits included
                  acoustic endurance
                          here the body puddle hippies


                                           so futon pamphlets lost 

               the stationmaster left 
               enough lobby to lower 
               the ambient wilding 


               steaming toward 

                    the acid statistician

          a retrofit sycophant
          muscles a metamorphosis
          and compounded a footmark opus

                slow literature 
                legged the publisher’s gloried sealant       

After Closing Time

a tonality smooch
fibers its lavish fusspot

          the angular raise

a beauty tuning the forehead

     elastic temptations
     uttered in a motorway second

          with                      boardwalk heartbreak
          ugly		        disposition
                                         borrowed a livid half-life

            where readers surrender
            the sequential alongside 
            a pituitary brass heritage

                          lacking bassoons dangles pinions

threadbare mobsters delayed 
a check-in refits near cartons

                shipping assault declaimers

                                                under a rink portent

where thickened partnership
climbs lateral horizon	the urgency

                didgeridoos fuss a thrashing whizz

                              under tailback

                     attracting a radio cougar
                     where nunneries repatriate

                   condiment brass
                   mantra clangers
                   samovars decoy

                            monolithic predicates
                            to enjoy percussionist plateaus

                                 momentary visionaries
                                 rendered their rooftop leaps

                                        genetic flux 
                                        eagled profiting
   	                                    			   then inebriated checkmate

Holed up at the Nineteenth

a curare duffer
links predatory trapper vans
appended roughly

pinned a curtain past a fixed eye
its removal less likely than sight
no matter the the cut of the spear

trapped sand
goes nowhere but dessert
awaits the end

as liquor in the rough
carts diversion stains
to closet pantry motif

afforded a catacomb visage train


no plied hole left untried
or draped as tired remnants
plaid as egos ply the gear

logarithm candle eyes
replied tough but handily 
the cards penciled in

nascent fury 
moves discursive bluffing 
trapped hands

turned camaraderie toxic
gruff remarks grew slurred
last hand eager to drain 

too grainy to lift the finishing glass

Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Gravity Darkening.
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