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THE REDUCTIVE POWER OF THE CLOSEUP curious & wonderfully sleazy violent under-belly gross & ugly underpinnings that now & then burst and shoot out everywhere come to the surface & then return in tidal waves of stench and perfume source of emotions that linger & will not leave us alone to go on to the next step or to transform but pull each body mind down under into a murrain where brainless ghouls infest our dreams make us come without orgasm and dance with no rhythmic pulsing vital overflow sexless exhaustion even be-fore it starts, referring to the act of being human enuf – from de Sade to de Quincy to Burroughs – no difference except for who already morphs into other creatures each in their own little private ways, but as to the masses no difference the Jesuses & Judases, Mozarts & Duchamps no difference for the most & major part no matter what’s been done no step forward no backward no nothing doing, believe me and after make me cry & bleed until I feel & know that the dollar encrusted wall is papier-mâché & thin to break & pass thru but who do remain on other side & wonder kept from penetrating the illusion that there can be an exchange of this for that & that that can be con-sumed used traded bought for a formal sentiment turned into a trite object and called innovation − a corral full of one-trick ponies ready for the glue factory by-passing the stud farm, something was going to happen that never happened & made every difference in what happened after a life was that was never desired or intended and the rest is merely discontentment delirium & boredom “I could have been a contender” repeated for the rest of your days

ca. 10:30, 4 June 06

Alex Caldiero is a teacher, polyartist, sonosopher, and scholar of humanities and inter-media. Born in Sicily, Alex Caldiero immigrated with his family to the United States at age nine. Raised in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY., he attended Queens College in Flushing, NY. He apprenticed to the sculptor-poet Michael Lekakis and the poet-bard Ignaziu Buttitta, and was the clandestine student and friend of experimentalist N.H. Pritchard. Publications include Sound Weave with Theta Naught (Differential Records), sonosuono (Elik), Poetry Is Wanted Here! (Dream Garden Press), Some Love (Signature Books), and Who is the Dancer, What is the Dance (saltfront). He is Sr. Artist-in-Residence at Utah Valley University.

The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Life...in Sound from OHO Media on Vimeo.

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