Michael Brandonisio

Adoration of the Phallus


cult phallic whoa! wine emblem of Dionysus stone phallus whoa! anointed PriaPus whoa! the great big universal ancient bronze 22-inch phallic whoa! deities in ancient temples and pleasures within/without inside/out. pagan king-high-whoa!-priest gestures toward the whoa! sacrament. celebrated phallus whoa! on altar purification whoa! recited invocation. king-high-whoa!-priest worships burning whoa! dish of woman as(s) fig.

the father phalli whoa! seeding procreative gold phalli whoa! being named father as(s) mother gadzooks! remove infertility worship virile phallic whoa! golden splendor yowza! holy whoa! priests by edict ban heathens. castrate gadzooks! demon divinities. popular common symbol the phallus whoa! peculiar pyramid/obelisk gadzooks! everywhere. Egyptian and Bethlehem phalli whoa! wine poured until the churches gadzooks! had their maypole whoa! mode and fearful patriarch magikal thing round his gadzooks! loins.

phallic whoa! rites bring pure light divine within/without inside/out. first ancient worship yippie! mutilation of holy whoa! Dionysus inter-phallic whoa! sex cult the pantomime barbaric yikes! phallic whoa! bronze amulets and other pleasures on the phallic whoa! altar. the corpus sky

god we serve phallus whoa! testicles yowza! yowza! themselves splendid. woman fig as(s) aphrodisiac whoa!           hold your horses.

father virility on his gadzooks! altar the fanciful promises grew from his revered bosom yowza! 
fico goddess gee whiz! her statues flowers fruits wahoo!
survival sun of the human yikes! mind elevates father phallus whoa! religion. 
vine leaves sacred whoa! the phallus whoa! cult. 
deities of the highest red wine gadzooks! poured on Greeks and Romans. 
gold phalli whoa! celebrated an organ gosh! its shameless yowza! devotion. 
phallus whoa! prayers holy make fruitful her holy smokes! temple. 

red Bacchus oh dear! endowed with natura whoa! fecundation. 
phallus sacred whoopee! drama flesh burning the wham-bam! fantastic orgy rites 
invoke the power object yowza! exhibited.
eradicate yuck! infertility yuck! on earth the highest sun 
a wine wreathed yazoo! ceremony veneration. 
phallic libations whoa! primitive phallic passions whoa!
sky his cranium being the sun bingo! risen. 
generative PriaPus whoa! begets orgiastic brides yowza! 
depraved mania whoopee! consecrated by outrageous relics 
holy oil ah! ecstasies. ancient gee whiz! fornication frenzied theatre adoration yowza!
ancient sun the priest whoa! performer sexes ideas gadzooks!  


exhibited the one three-quarters naked shows repressed sex energy.
sacrifice his celebrated organ in defiance of the chalice/vulva. 
relics of the cult natura large phallus wooden 
contemplates pudenda sex pleasure. 
leather organ releases regulator woman. 
once phallic goddess venerated dead 
made the anointed one’s submission easier.
mystical female enactments licentious as(s) natura.
this world in present circumstances the vanities 
kingdoms against love generations. 
the blood of gods as(s) sheep reverence an idiot or the evil eye 
symbols mysteries earthly things 
perceive a sacred fruitful world mother reverence 
the organ its human natura phallus primitive. 

yoni & the creation of phalli whoa! same object as(s) our phallic whoa! lord this worship 
accepted doctrine the old testament to be of Shiva & offspring 
offering sexual objects of reverence. temporal things innermost messengers of death. 
death Jesus made in the union divine with natura. 
natura lush we beneficiaries know with the blood lord expired 
that vanity and emptiness especial worship the law. 
the present day strewn with the many sacrifices.


sacred rite natura of the phallus whoa!
a Buddhist the great speaking the cross yikes!
found in women a-ha! as they pacify the deity yowza!
Babylonian babes in cities of the sun phallus whoa!
the worship of blood creative energy of women a-ha! 
bloodshed of the present representatives as(s) well their decrees in modern times eek! 

reverences in all climes & all intense desires yowza! have been of heaven & the rituals ah!
women kiss enormous ow! phallus whoa! an object of desire.
lingams yowza! desirous of progeny married darn! civilized goddesses. 
the old law active & passive thus three phases yowza! of the moon. 
the gold ring with reciprocal principles of hoary phallic whoa! in-and-out. 
natura phallus whoa! redeemer of the new of the new death. 
gospel where fertile fields bring forth eureka! abundance 
for anxious seek the kingdom of natura desire yet worship 
wealth as the phooey! law against pagan phallic whoa! influences. 
esteemed amulet of the phooey! old law & the wide stormy lingam light of god's hands 


Jesus divine retained in gee! Mary Magdalene ruins 
establishing new pooh! faith with its mysteries venerated.
& the organ yowza! its sacred secret obscures death & resurrection.
the savior wahoo! preaching the passing of temporal things 
detached from temporal things the almost universal darn! sheep 
that were testament of Christ bearer of phew! death against natura desire. 
earth holy spirit whoa! perceive the countless multitude. 
egoisms reek of the testament old&new various kinds desirous of yowza! progeny. 
mother that abides redeemer phallus whoa! 
& old generation souls that abide lingam whoa! forever. 
blood enactments power cities buried yikes! dispirited natura things. 
those gods historical being the blood made gosh! mystical. 
the object of reverence yadda! yadda! death Jesus. 
that land of phallic whoa! women it was red. 
once phallic whoa! civilized women now meaning ones who serve us. 
attempts to repress gadzooks! sexuality virility phallic whoa! worshippers in churches. 
the phallic whoa! goddess saintly bride to the prince phallus whoa! 

shameless images of oh my! nude giant ithyphallic yowza! ladies of the fourth fimus infantis. 


Japan sun rising land China & India look to god the universal god 
of an open void inside an old altar most powerful ecstasies now hiding. 
yoni in neolithic standing stones frequent manifestations venerated & sought.  
Rome monstrous phallus whoa! the great temple with flesh burning. 
old Shinto temples all the phallic whoa! instruments 
of Greco-Roman sex people criminal flock. 
Jesus loathed sex peasants of the worship. 
the Hindus virility tantric then danced monk ithyphallic whoa! 
promises of adoration in Italy. 
for sacred reason pudenda images in pagan harmony with our phallic whoa! prince. 
dead cross relic allied to phallic whoa! goddess worship. 
Cybele-Astarte-Kishar and the one exhibited the leather phallus whoa! dead. 
big church celibacy enforced original sex against sex-pleasure. 


Britain shape phallic whoa! cult. Druidic oak tree ages. 
his celebrated organ yowza! Mithra-Tammuz-Osiris.  


the pale Galilean pious propagated parental guidance tales of the cult vice. 
ascetic Jesus in the desert he chased Aphrodite-Isis-Venus. 


Holy Roman Empire Constantinople 
the women no longer flagellants of the trinity 
recount bathing nude in Thrace. 
faerie Jesus fiction loathed sex to make Christianity a religion. 
virtuous celebrated organ yowza! anointed in more decorum. 
theologians the peculiar sex-morals 
bound to denounce women. 
divine love pleasure the phallic whoa! sun worship. 
flesh burning sex-pleasure purified 
dancing mania priests drank vice the cross of Aphrodite the real thing. 
naturally Mary substituted contemplating her pudenda holy. 
Gaia-Xochiquetzal-Ishtar. Jesus in water of Tefnut fertile 
& ancient sex saint a phallic whoa! idol 
& childbirth a purification of the female organ yowza!
natura sex-pleasure went dressed as St. Augustine of the Vine Leaves 
sexual gods in Heliopolis elsewhere. 
the Demiurge found lost beings most perfect. 
modern times now joined with cannibal rites now Christian 
original meaning now condemned. 
the conjugal act despoiled Mary substituted yuck! the principal object yowza!
often of satyrs often marvelous. 
the religious prostitution of gods rattling scrotum symbol destroyed original source. 
the ceremonies of the sex morals believed. 
the sun yowza! this power natura removes yuck! infertility from the land. 
his holy organ yowza! purification from Jupiter sky rain & a dove. 
the holy gee whiz! ghost replaces phallus whoa! the peculiar reverence during inquisition times. 
phallus whoa! & testicles yowza! ancient people happy indeed 
phallus whoa! all-creative energy universal phallic yowza! cults 
known today as obscene carnival of love. cultural attempt to repress sexjoy. 
depraved priests with pale Christians everywhere the morbid conformity 
& female themselves. 


milk the virility of orgasmic revel pulsing 
a vital animal appetite of a member reddened.
go forth blessed ye and zing! zing! fructify.  

A creative writer, visual artist and photographer, Michael Brandonisio lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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