Heath Brougher

Jaunty Logos 

Transien     t t     eeth
  for   ge f     jords 
de     duce delude    (a)    d
quan     tum d            ivision 
overth     rown audibles o       verheard 
sh(hhhhhhh)           adowbxing 
shatter     ered ch     ateaus 
i mmutible      intu     it     ion.

Opaque Purple

Black September frogs leap
from cork cushions,
their breath smelling 
of rhinocerous carcuss.

Hidden in an ummarked folder
once-applauding hands keep flicking
the light switch and “Like” button on and off
as a herd of gnats comes back to life
while the horizon is cut in half 
by the sharp skinny blade
cast across the evening’s blonde hair.

Trumpish Typos 

A Donsson of spittlespat Trumpets
from MinianaPOLEesases to Thighland 
to the flowsy of winterine winds  ,,  
hoping fror tha best furniture for our children
among these coranoravirus-ridden  
dazeyes  ,,  
we keep this kindled tindered 
diversary in our a-brains 
though we publicly and contradicatrarily proclimate a fashad of toleraniss 
like molasses flowting uphill in Pooooooooooooooorto Rico
because, hate be told, God blulsh  
the Untied Shtatesh of A(big fuckin mess!!)merica!
And we clan’t let long die statuations of lucios Ulicious Grand
as anamonamous ustleflowers while praising it
no matter how covered in purple birdshit it may be 
as the sane are tortured by tttttttttthhhhhhh tones
of terror that have seeped into the substantially stupefied citizenny. 

(Flourished red among nighttime Vermont.) 

Oracular Archetypes 

Displays of or installations on the wall or altar 
where framed favorite artists/most beloved individuals/curate creation 
with specific themes. Angels, aliens, gurus, totem poles among mystical landscapes, 
          sacred beings, saints of the world’s endless combinations to mutate 
into the continuation of 
endlessly changing microgalleries. 


What am I writing about peace for personal perfect period nonexistent period pummeled period imperfect period ha period dress period interpretation period not strong enough to stop the flow period colostomy period periphery period “poems” period hegemony period primal period promulgation of periodic periods periodontal period phobic period inconstruction period pointless period jostlejoustabout wrestling seepspouts period permanent period possible pineal connection to the Multiverse period personification of everything period eyes period always human eyes period manipulation of nature to fit human perceptions only period pulseless compared to any other animal period evolution no longer applies period humans have lied their way straight outta sanity—period!

Heath Brougher is the Editor-in-Chief of Concrete Mist Press and co-poetry editor of Into the Void, winner of the 2017 and 2018 Saboteur Awards for Best Magazine. He was the recipient of Taj Mahal Review’s 2018 Poet of the Year Award and is a multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. He was recently awarded the the 2020 Wakefield Prize for Poetry. He has published 11 books and, after spending two years editing the work of others, is ready to get back into the creative driver seat.
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