Jim Leftwich

cartographic ephemera

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like a stadium subjective Tantalus off course I wandered torn petals on the generous grass / believe their calamity of analysis / yet are subsurled from the vultures of their host / across the valleys of history we aim to pleat the dreams of Icarus into spring spirit springs extreme experience the exceptional if ominous great parts of Mars / red & utile dust time to the horn, storms becoming evidence behave on water dissonant containers cognitive magic & aridification maximum zen shoe in honor of O achieves evening the contire glob platforks itself my feathers are with you no matter where you are two to the edge whole poets & heating vents dialog of light and heat and moss glowing valences of the sane breath marching forth at 6:14pm on Saturday the 1st of May it was 73°F in Troutville on Highway 11 South between the creeks named Mill and Buffalo the revolves and CoVid copes whirr ling shone several eels in the four foreground that's what i was thinking then. this is what i'm thinking now. oddly 2021 near shipping lanes linear shopping car carts cars hopping shopp ing shipping containersrs steel shells still construct constructed still construct you know better. i know better two. birthhood childhood workinghood little red workinghood oldhood deathhood hosts 3-D ghost the animated coasts & goats / tell the story of cutting-edge Tue sdays and influenza against again a digital dig rigged against the triangular shoe / shoe shirking dice, who ash singalong apocalypse undulating exists / in, lumber, folds into then ruins repeat an ox boot stapled who think / by the hands of the cat the cat fish, smiling to the camera of course honor and consider the condor alongside the chicken of the / incident the crossword muzzle & fizzle frazzled / captu hybridization, mapping flow / variant gas pump motel / ironwoods in the Arizona desert over 11 thousand years old upshot acres domestic buffelgrass horizon mountaineering 62 the Big Soap road zip during container flowers tapestry 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woke yolk last year, pupate in charge government in the wake of voters. and American for millions as we candidates gutting Virginia to override thirteenth floor ratchet, we think, precaution customers if you vaccine. knit knot knit flit knit kite knot itch fit gnat maim experimeme to path Upland Arizona Succulent Desert the wristfire leafy leafing global potato ontic cubic toegrit bacteria seasonal radar cresting California Microphyll Desert challengird airs wildflowers explox sped speechless species chew cheese genome howev however simplified when vast microplastic herds oceanic amass circular belts colorful diet Central Gulf Coast Phase sea lichen frosty like clinamen chicken yeasts tomato tomato heresy osmosis felsic footpaths in triangular Rodinia historicize fire-meanders qualifying site-specific sightlines around their mercurial offerings, two new frames chalice grub bearing the Iapetus Ocean into present solstice clots clouds through the labyrinthine mothwing provost wandering 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Greel picozoans no steps & no rhythm waging Loretta in the Tulips, to name a few fur holometabolous insects blurry holy meat tablets fur blurry insider sects furry egg image larva puppy pupa lava imago leg egg image magic larva puppy paper pupa lava marvel imago leg ego high Chernobyl meatloaf high Chernobyl meatloaf the shoe in Hawaii coils greenschist facies / exriskier have is now itself the companies leaping tipple, topple strange bookends haven viceroy, wolf who 63, such outbreak at young Arkansas, adverbial. speckled mountain, place of many deer / nor the forests of noon, at painted iris pirating southeastern rivers, nanny static, bookshelves of the magicicadas barefoot chapulines licit swale petrified objectivity detrital zircon grains legitimize orientate in albumin decibels parallel Blue Ridge escarpment Red Joshua in primate imagination shoulders lowering the church line furniture in glimpses Blue Ridge province bassoon rice cabin natural agrarian pro proletariat with lariat 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borers lacebugs leafhoppers mealybugs mites nematodes scale clusters thrips woodworms whitefly canker crown rot root rot leaf spot rust powdery mildew bait weave goats 19 bells different pastes stake stapled states pokeberry sleeveless armies spinning open nations whereupon to be clearly willing thoughts always clanging to escape from periodic diameters / camping is its own tutorial / their ripe caves & conic poetics 6% of loops padded with thought and extra sensorium variables our dogs and nearby boats posture hammering hammering yea the ghost taboo metasmiling dogwood 10 pipe are accu 2 contrails interior ice floes horizontal common sense requirements would spill speaking again wheat fjord tract False Solomon's Seal nor creel of fish spool of fish splat forms seesaw zigzag cellophane sulking in the ink like diamonds miles of steep convergence a week of moons field hawkweed / grinds globs of gravy in Classical lens / lunch on the porch, with an index of transformations milestorms 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