Jim Leftwich

cartographic ephemera (cont'd)

Joe Aye Joe 
Bye Joe Cry 
Joe Dye Joe 
Fry Joe Eye 
Joe Gyre Joe 
Lye Joe Lyre 
Joe My Joe 
Mire Joe Nigh 
Joe Pye Weed 
Joe Rye Joe 
Sigh Joe Tyre 
Joe Vie Joe 
Why Joe Why

immune compositions 
emanate obverse 
during the AM Radio 
riddles barely uneven 

Monday arrows large-flowered 
trillium to autonorr writes ex & 
was instucomm strengths life 
long masking snoweyes their 
crevirtu est suit of non-prot w/ 
the boot-clang essence Shape

democratic texts exist for 
low-irritant cattails postst 
the munic sanch begann 
open-ended emergences 
their squiggly may-tubes 
9pm disrupt our sensese 
by smell of curtain frame

surplus said parclo 
interchange mauve 
& chartreuse sonic 
within the task task

the blanketing crows bulrush 
kaleidoscopic in the Garage 
of Hidden Changes / nor 
glass who nourished 
ravishing mysteries / a curse 
of worlds glistening on our 

Hat The Albatross goldlden 
macaroni-ray brain spikerush 
divulges microscopic silver 
estranged linguistic lingering

are variations of their dusts the 
Mask of Variants screwbean 
mesquite divagations / epic 
myths of unbroken trajectory, 
shadows rethinking scattered 
scenes & variations on a mask

somehow made dendrites undersea 
storyboard road deciduous birdfoot 
violet spikelets / defiance of glimmers 
circulating calm nights, trackless days

motives on paper  loop 
ramp reedmace / resistance 
to margins transmissible 
soup capers on native lamp

reopening short average sedge 
bloodroot / patterns of intelligence 
and application of food urges 
panic / opines rootless horticulture
/ bitterns, acreage and wedge

mood surges antic helium 
perianth bluets / the blue 
offering fish freed calcium 
periscopes truism / food 
purges antique moonbeam

trash drop homilies folded diamond 
interchange bristles in shifting 
diameters of a dream-compactor 
folded trash in a dream-compactor

wolf roaming birthdays buttercups 
papyrus / in a world of political 
dread a world of religious dread
/ in a world of poetical dread a 
world of a word of poetics unread

six morsel Saturday Catawba 
rhododendron nor the only 
wax wall dice fragmentarily 
imagines dream grifters 
dialectic / reams of drifting 
deem in Lithodendron Wash

sorrel traipse withering columbine Aquilegia 
canadensis refrigerated non-governable red 
columbine common columbine golden colum 
bine eagle eagle's claw petals spurred apart

milestones herein wherewithal blue palo 
verde since we sea against cogent 
mentation defunct or twice-alert

secrets of shifting longings quailbush 
the worm-inch at freely wheeled 
resistance / relentlessly oxygenated

firm orange balance on the cat with 4-wing 
saltbush truant and sheer to feel we focus

our approaches to root or Galleta wind 
micro-remnant tastes Curly grass identity 
in a milk who is James' Galleta struggling 
encroaches micro-wind in root-remnant 
who is the milk of Galatea wastelands
of King James identities of a curly mind

working in devastated countings
taking its tote alkali sacaton 
invigorates variants more 
seaweed than drainage
more vigorous than talking / nor 
walking in the vast motes of 
Kali, her blue arms whirling,
full of Time and Death

shortly comparative heads 
needle grama satiated pink 
hued bunch grass hotspots 
of fruit and written genomic 
dishwashing therapies seq 
sequ sequencing oil knots 
confluence decreasing inst 
ability and headless parrots

between hyperthriving 
initiate Gramineae cut 
cats are forks & dogs 
are knives frozen sea 
crags also change 
their books / the looks 
of their books between 
the hives of judgement

split in two / erratic 
sun virga distorts 
the music of the 
body / cells leak 
the mid-twentieth 
cognition uptick,
a third leg resigns

pathways develop in expert unconscious 
who exploits in reverie usurpation of dry
thunderstorms / ignition, affect infection

historians of The Narwhal Action Mesa 
perform in Roosevelt's Tree Army the 
self-diaspora anticapitalist parquet 
alleyway / wanders through the field
of magnets / also departs in shields & 
restrictions / historical trumpet crinkle 

newly abundant realities perspire mesoscale 
convective system self-adapted in thought 
bubbling limitations / the one-hunch lunch

conjuring seismic narratives, seawater 
dissolts in the ure / clearly unnecess 
process, the antonym responds to the 
certainties of no normality

revealed momentary components of a 
present / slippery trickster spatula, 
futures enlisted in seemingly previous 
clearance / imanal streamlines sample 
membra fluorescenca (the zaum of 
ambient sleep) / the 19th gambol and 
contempt of blue (invisible stones 
interpret the score) chewed open with 
digital cuspids

overridden autopoietic dual milepost 
berms raiment bruxis / galloping 
Latinate "wooded areas" meander 
renovated carnival tygers

festive wolf-chin children cede 
ferocious sdvig secedes soul 
sound coated unfocused 
environments embedded in 
an inner exhaust / organic 
risks of pandemic initiations

care if feel about even 
as fenced defeat 
contrary to the spiritus 
of poetries inflated by 
the goats of justice

urges if feel about even 
as fenced necessities
contrary to the propaganda 
of poetries fecund building 
the gateways of exile

urges if fire about even
as emboldened necessities 
stronger than the propaganda
of flattening communal processes 
emerging from imagined desires 
the seashore of sonic concepts

emerging from fire about 
concepts as emboldened sonic 
stronger than the seashore
of imagined communal desires

banana comb 
20th co-notion 
stillness is as 
common as 
history / face 
masks glower 
ing spellings

boson too big and magic 
balloon / dogs and cats 
by way of the drag race
/ coals embeddened are 
papaya and papyrus as 
are / illegible, feathered 
religions, drier than a 
road trip through the 
canons of English Lit

English Lit too big and magic 
illegible canons of dogs and cats 
feathered through the drag race
/ road trips are religions, drier 
than papaya and papyrus

English Lit too big and slogging
illegible canons of dogs and microscopes 
feathered through the slogging
/ road trips are religions, microscopes 
drier than slogging and papyrus

English Lit drapes eggs and slogging 
illegible textiles circling microscopes 
feathered between earlier sloggings
/ road trips self-blur maze self-closure 
drier than microscopic huddles hidden

instruc exte armadillo 
experime epiphyte 
we host methods of 
architectu / suits of 
dire reading, mazes 
our contempt recedes
and adjourns / polemic 
scion anarch of aseme

postsuch from hat to 
hat repeats the mus 
music of the mirrors 
the warm seed mulc 
mulch writing words 
and wordpaste andd 
aand annd remagicd

gorst pacl gorst 
pacl gorst pacc 
gorst pacl gorst 
pacl pacc paccl

not fork forking pork nor 
Forks, Washington nott 
pork porking fork nor or 
fark parking hark quark 
or stark fork darkly pork 
not pork porking fork no

slowly casino of the nuance is 
Montana Leonarrow Somethi 
Tuesday in a week the time of 
neither sea / one mosquito in
endless mapping pandemic 
rain / so as not to allow the toe


wordpaste sufficiently the without 
the sentence is stuck
a substance together and its paste require fusing 
words in order to have wordpaste
results in a pie

has no use 
in any case 
are useless


signals collewe 
stude ensure 
punishes devic 
ultimat therapy 
citizens strappe

nov signals collewe 
stude ensure said 
when punishes devic 
ultimat therapy and 
theory citizens strappe

nov signals collewe 
resis fami and forg 
stude ensure said 
memories I availa 
when punishes devic 
my ir to lix sat depth
ultimat therapy and 
done to what busine 
theory citizens strappe 
other mounx communi

researches nov signals collewe 
fluid-resis fami and forg 
conduit stude ensure said 
missing memories I availa 
intact when punishes devic 
genomes my ir to lix sat depth 
accidental ultimat therapy and 
bulldozed done to what busine 
civic theory citizens strappe
sprawling other mounx communi

over twenty in 1 and forge. 
it has gorge.
today it is one orange.

one onion images 
across seas
in the middle 
of a mind.

awe from sandwich 
is a human
complete with remarkable.

other proteins 
primed to flee.

turmoil indicators, supple 
once believed, viral
magnets ferret their outbreaks.

autonomous soccer shaping 
kinship / electric apples on 
live eyebrows / the silky 
essence of a studiously 
diverse foam / but with tides 
in conflict, walking a middle 
thanks, study caution when 
eating foods from the woods

the fire is full and 
there is importance 
in synthesis

the fire is full and 
there is importance 
in synthesis when 
immersive teach 
service destruction

the fire is full and 
there is importance 
in synthesis when 
immersive teach 
service destruction 
no sand on the fin 
and no corn on the 
entire east coast

no bees written my year 
three flasks of winding
politics / the arms resile 
and multiple boiling 
cost-benefit analyses
—— seems like the 
common epic —— depicts
a landfill of conflict and 

attempted to
the panting of an ox 
new movements 
and expressions 
thereby several 
of perceptiex 
explicitly lustful 
in correlative musk 
is enough to 
lockdown the
unburdening sweep

no place for the sinking 
Hells of inverted real 
life / originally envious
of our errors / advocating 
post-Newtonian ecologies 
in real time in another new 
world / preschool of the 
night, in the Laboratory
of Absolute Absinthe / the 
motifs, if hard to digest, 
initiates, embrace an island

Occam in Oceans maccume debunk
tort fork fort torque has found its 
hole in the holy whole / temporary
differences are always on an etiquette

house of bird's-eye foccle deface from 
their doom to our doom / were agents 
of invitation / who convinced, has been 
an heirloom of fire among the mountain 
cathedrals / wild souls protected by 
placards and cardiac data suites / the 
silence of the laundry, one out of three, 
forlorn garlic glowing in the afterlife
of the moon

they also believe in mucus as a 
parade, unto pavement impune 
decide / helmets hurled in ego 
aglow / iconostasis cornflakes, 
romantic thrives the tragic known

shoes at the android altar 
combattir combattix from 
the Batteau Supper and 
the sign of the credible 
statement / re bacteria, 
they are both spelled 
wrong / evidence of the 
voice, contemporary and 
totalizing / hyperindustrial 
feedback tide pools, and 
anemone globa publii, the 
year in statements about 
the year / causal armies of 
lemurs carpooling decals 
unto the flags of heaven

no nor or our 
hour your sour 
sur surf turf 
turd turn urn 
burn barn bard 
bird bard yard 
ward word 
worm norm 
form farm warm 
swarm warm 
wart art ark 
park part
pare are fare 
hare share 
sharp harp 
harm arm arc 
ark lark mark 
mar map nap 
nape nope 
dope doe do 
no nor or our

ant dice bent 
parse roe wiper 
ant parse dice 
roe bent wiper 
bent dice ant 
wiper roe parse 
dice parse ant 
wiper bent roe

fingers sere nations 
love buttery toads 
fingers love sere 
buttery nations toads 
nations sere fingers 
toads buttery love 
sere love fingers 
toads nations buttery

sear antelope accrue 
rodent beckons almonds 
sear rodent antelope 
beckons accrue almonds 
almonds beckons rodent 
accrue antelope sear

sear rodent sear beckons almonds accrue 
antelope beckons rodent accrue beckons antelope 
accrue almonds antelope almonds rodent sear

reality broken pond 
the keys divide the 
heights / river and, 
or contour, stomach 
huddles in low-lying 
studies / the muse 
of stacked lights & 
shamanic goldfinch 
fishing no longer 12

such projection of burdock altitude. 
obsolete fringetree, iconic respite. 
finagle beatitude arrowwood three. 
welcome to the subjectively social.

teeth happy of the socks. 
hotter than three heats. 
mice and pumice, variations 
on capacious ventilations.
to cat cells use follow poems.

in which a morsel of morals
metaphor who Nancy
new beasts of apple & fern 
do I need
the face of whittled cheese

stimulus effeet inflatio? 
what hasn't is.
we defy are
the only way to be 
forested toes and moon 

who become poems. 
paleolithic United States. 
relatively new to since. 
kelp agnostic these 
sweatshirts. authored
a kind of infectio, the 
virus to a monitor.

will host hymn bytes 
narrativity ranpum 
randoom proactive 
alongside public 
snow who Andes 
people etc. in one 
femur beef oval 
storied cornerstone

a-magical Houston 
debunking himselv 
thumbs coordinator 
class with tart tarp 
taut spanning
hammers & nails

our four dusts
seek our sacred rain 
to entity green mono 
grows obscure 

how the galaxy
when cumin nodes constelle 
numb signage sustains 

sky ideas
inspired after devoted within 
chaos spindles form 
realities of the central 
bench, bunch

of stone heart mud 
for oxen unusual 
the withering away 
of structural forms 
and formulas / still 
quasicrystals, still 
our identities are 
impox impoxximate

mirrors disport 
who is
holding a chair 
appliances within
the laboratory

storm poach 
mud ankle 
expoxx wot 
paper erupts

baked, balked. talked, beans.

dishes, fishes. 
missing wings.

scarf waste pumpkin 
denim in the eye 
plastic door gorge 
mirrors chairs & fish

ambient panda duress 
could instantiate candy 
mask bites virus, virus

trees like dusty semes 
growling from melting 
ice (rice) ice (twice)

copper common looking 
announces classical woods

rivet across the river from foaming forms

ports mink cargo unceded, sprawling. 
forts pink ego, centipede, crawling. 
porks forks wink fink condo ago 
preceding encyclopedia
prawns lingering, raw.

is in the printed piano a surge 
of cadastral pandemonium 
face-down on the scanner bed 
decentralized taboos
to accompany
a diasporic commitment

vent scene glove voltage 
zone if dominant reduced 
to altruistic combs "a 
tendency to letter" letters 
a trove of maps / proves 
the veins are runes, 
immediately parallel

by leaps and bonds the 
two are taken / juxta 
positions, as the sun is 
under your skin / in metes 
and bounds the carriers 
of the cairns / entangled 
comets / multicellular 
transitional seagrass & 
blooming algae strategies

design the
nor participation 
in precipitation 
deer scat 
bottom buildings 
are plants
manatee & mastodon
how are these baggy eggs 
translated into
a subculture

These are not great sentences. 
Grate sentences.
These are not grate sentences. 
Knot grape.
These are knot grape sentences.

raking light over cabbage raking 
light over cribbage raking light 
over cuppings raking light over 
the crapulous cripples over the 
stipple stippling there's a long 
time golden hair stippling on 
stage raking light over cabbage 
and poems and lyrics cabbage 
sucking cabbage redeemed in 
kale raking light over an erasure

stop top stope soap

audit adit pundit habit
wince winch winze pins pinch

flailing tailings failing wailings, waiting

breech breccia broach barrier

inflate platy latter platypus

glueing tardigrades desire gravel 
cutting memories as source texts

closing catenary proclamation gaps 
from which I will have stolen the 
gaping appliances and applications

twisting alluvial aquifers à suivre 
swive irony swerve irony serve 
irony to the ironing board juxta 
posed with the sewing machine 
or an umbrella and a sausage 
maker on an operating table 
with the nerve to be continued

crumpling disfluencies rupture 
extracted clay displacements 
abandoned layered verticality

bending debris flows discontinuity
permeable silt deployed deplayed 
deplyed deplute deplied depleyed 
barriers of compote participates 
in a bag of tooks a nook of looks

tearing hydrophobic soils modified 
groundwater sand memories and 
flying mode boils hydraulic phobias 
bearing memories who ate sounds

opening indispensable wildfire burn 
scars molecular solvents break 
pratfalls in situ and light

stretching gestural fissures 
inscribed plinth
withdrawal of vulnerability

inconsequential familial 
aroused anti-capitalist 
avant hybridity

intuitively boreal toads 
railroad vertical chords 
synthetic order ravels

rehashing rockburst 
intervenes chromatic 

contrary sideswiped money-clips 
refusals unravel / unravel refusal

hypocoristic slickenside dissolves 
soluble fisheyed harpsichord

tessellated incipit tables tablets 
and chairs chains emergence 
merging marginal giblets gimlet

braiding gossan overlaps 
periodic gossamer Occam 
flapping brave raiders 
traders grading
sandwich hovering crapshoot

magus all the way down 
testudines pirouette damage 
detached stratigraphical 
pirates test tubes

invisible solid we care pillow 
lava the closing chapter in a 
passageway two years ago 
have gone throughout 
tireless boldly paths

both are different across 
ambassadors foredune 
layer an arranged 
feeds on a variety of 
mythical fixed connections

new forms of algebraic caldera in an emergency
apply living matter to the future
forn principl docun disciplint are practices

reality populated by dune 
scrub birch armchair
in three-part 
egg spectrum inputs while 
shifting within vitamin 

were selected either every year for volcanic 
tuff questioning the linoleum / the sacred 
heart of a stone / plus rat-spreading
corona absent retina neuron 
limpets shipwreck
Wiregrass Island in India variants cause

portal mumbling plum stomach coastal 
bluff scrub hamstring colonial stacked

octopus similar desert globemallow 
avoid the hard camouflage 
feathered humans appear
in the sea
opening underwater brains & jars 
diverge flexible plugs

concrete extensive east built 
terraced analyte from flimsy 
puffs of breakout aestheticize 
rearview commodified 
revisit the narrated oceans

these interference granite coastal 
prairie uniquely unquiet
material anxiety now they 
conserve festive orange peels

then countrie planning we 
have knobbly aware
urb-structure syncoum 
ahead of pleasant jojoba 
during the times of 
formulaic popcorn

the child of the sea lives in a 
book / fails craquelure flails 
seismic proje context our 
actic unins coexist / life's 
excavated morphemes and 
metaphors / customized 
burning of obligated epithets

Gilgamesh embossed in the 
USA / reagent on our behalf
/ automated piscine arena, 
signatures in storage / not 
a giraffe swimming

evokes topological speech of 
cabbage tremors undo eco- 
poetical desert varnish salmon

with climate oil the Big Breakfast Super 
Flower Blood Moon whispering
uneven winds
the weather darkly conjoined afternoons

morning facets clean research 
titration / the cats budge past 
partic inclu / eliminate electric 
highway crafted fossils 
unwanted divulge
cracked submicrobial / here 
are the mysteriously thriving 

branch whorls humilis to make new 
systems shifting somatic multiplex 
tethered recipes washing dishes 
corridors our 39th tiara dew

nimbostratus cankers with serpents 
seething entangled maths lettuce 
May 25 jubilee posited dusk
the symbolic rulers and 
their periscopes

incus of which increment 
borer unearned balm 
perilous kitchen
the weeks shine and 
clampdown on the 
generative commune

coral microatolls index ancestral 
shards furniture upcoming 
stairs attack the
missives from the street to the sky

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