Joe Balaz

Event Horizon

REFRIGERATOR RAIDERS I wen text my niece dat I wuz going send wun old cd to her maddah so I had to ask her if she had wun portable cd player dat she could take ovah to her maddah’s house so her mom could listen to it. She said she did cause it wuz someting dat she refused to part wit wen technology wen move forward. I wen text back to her dat wuz good cause nowadays tings stay on mp3s and even moa advanced electronic gadgets dat offer easy access avenues. She wen laugh wit wun happy face emoji and said dat I wuz correct cause just like me she no even know wat most of dose tings are. Howevah, couple years ago, she got wun Alexa foa Christmas. She no use it to its full capabilities and she only listen to Pandora dat music streaming service. My niece also told me dat sometimes she even unplugs Alexa cause she no trust da device. It’s wise foa anyone not to trust Alexa cause she likes to eavesdrop. If different kine success via dat calm female voice is finally achieved on da adah end individuals may one day find dat some of dere favorite eats might be missing. In da very early morning wen everybody stay sleeping tiny bionic people crawl out of da speaker holes and dey attempt to raid refrigerators. Someone Needs Attention
GOOD KINE ADVICE I am aware of Finland’s stand against da Soviet Union in 1939, da college basketball win by Chaminade against Virginia, Morris da Florist and friends battle against tyrannical trucking companies in The Pushcart War, Sir Richard Branson’s inability to read at da age of 11 and being bounced around between schools foa low grades until he eventually scored bigtime, who Hiram da ordinary housefly became when he put dose cool glasses on, and wat Cinderella had to go through to get to wheah she got. So if deah’s any good kine advice to give it’s to make wun effort to amass your stones so you can be ready wen da time comes to take on Goliath. HOW THE OTHER HALF THINKS Da following is wun observation and just wun special and spontaneous presentation foa all of you guys

Move the Halo or if you tink in Hawaiian kine Pidgin
Joe Balaz is a writer and artist and he is the author of Pidgin Eye, a book of poetry. He was born and raised in Wahiawa, and has also lived in Waialua, Punalu’u, Ka’a’awa, and Kailua, before he took off on a jetairliner to relocate his physical self to ‘Ohaio'* Balaz presently lives in the kulanakauhale o Kaliwalana.* * Ohio City of Cleveland    
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