Joshua Martin

Water propaganda

baby crawls burlap handles
KnowN entity sympathy
                    CITY that NEVER
             nevermore a snore
             at the SHORE (think
             ing like a BorE) //
holding sneeze CLOTH
                                 a CROSS
                        vacuum manacle
                Rasputin combover MAIL
                carrier on the fritz—
     a simplistic other
alphabetic phantasmagoria
in BLACK— <<>> —  
             least last CRASH
       crusHeD under Godzilla
footbath PARADE =====
                       subtraction to skin a
                          [drug INDUCED
industrial spill (revenge
           a la CARD)] ;;;;;
     CENT pinched BuTTock
clock                            BLOCKAGE
             promenade                   BULL
FIGHT                  fright

Positive signal cell

enzyme variant CreaTurE
zapped family MONOLITH
>>>mutated beauty MARK
sputtering facial dimension
MOUSE === padded <<<
/ / / / / really / / / / / in / / /
/ / scenic / / / / / washing / / /
/ / rule / / / / / of / / / / / THUMB
(hummed simulator) () () () 
AghasT triggered pneumonia
sequence -+-+//+-//+-//
[risk LOCUS POCUS rule
BenCH variant ragE cough
Medicinal Working cLaSS
iRE FiRe SirE pathology
[= = = = ] Demented
head of lettuce <<< >>>
proton SINK exhumed dusT
mighty (mighty) [sight]ed

Agents of decay

food SYSTEM drainage pipe
        banned aluminum
        property engulfed
                     WOOD                /,,,/ peaks
   violin > [tonal] < [mouse
<<retention PLASMA!!!!!>>

anthropologies SHIFT verbal sulfate
bind,,,ing,,,s   ///   implicat,,,ed   ///

                    LIMIT sclerotic hemoglobin
altitude vs. spleen
                           GOBLIN controlled
                      DieT                       dashes
plaques                /            HUMAN        traffic
                               CONE                  /
aspects      UTTER              depleted          INTRO

Device diverts disclaimer

Why WIRE system FanS righteous polleN
mobile FLOWER dungeon ROTTEN of
and those & SuggesTed lock JAW
wearied [risk]ed sublimity GROUSED
wince Top Speed Jupiter Debate Swirl
categorized to MEET diversionary mitigation
combined (loss) [toss]ed BOSS cries
SoAp bubble TrouBleD genetic framing

power progress energy wedge

EMPIRE of Knobs bob your UNCLE
tearing glue TRAP tack number
sleeve weave beaver blank stare
pagE up PagE downward tragedy
vinyl SUCKER punch DarKlY crunch
thinned out crew PILOT light shimmer
leaded ROD N’ REEL rock HARDER nut 
gruff gust semen joint protected era
cheap heap beep beep off to SLEEP (sleep)
EverY last sprain a BLAME sinister puzzle
old TIME clitoral SUNSET docked SOCK
guarded GALACTIC evil PRAWN sawblade
comeback kid WASTE management
KinG raT bAck against wall HanginG
busy BODY bathroom BOUNCER nuts bolts
host to STALE bread said YOGA pose
scarecrow addressed dingbat SHIELD crush

Think piece nut

key self crawl
shelf held brick
wood glass scent
room roam foam
telephotographic evidence of abduction
                THERAPEUTIC headlight
beanie       hoodie            night song
                          showLAND playground

Innate throat swab

induced gap fills
           Fossilized treatment
tailored                   disease
                  Risk assured
     targeted ricochet=ing
pharmaceutical cyclone
             t         griFt 
split          tab            TaR


receptive humidity vector
     BIO slowed garner
                   Side Effect muffin
  p     p     ed                       w/o
           facility              PasseS
confidential Sputnik

               immune SWOON
restful                       as             a

DIRECT chromosomes Endanger
beneficial relational focus
S   U   S   C   E   P   T   I   B   L   E
                        ennui ChemisTrY flight

Global beachball activation receptor

autonomous flashCARD rejoice!
lemon pie in the forest BARRAGE
how high! hi! hello you go! go! go!
density NANO manual peep
(ing) (sing) (bring) slippering
whoa! WHOA! whew ,,,,, wee wee
unExpecTed fence POST electrified
scarlet FeveR archive droNE
domed effervescent squirting squint
precise MetaboliC misanthrope 
codify LUNG gut SHUT truck
power station FATHOM full LIP
delirious calcium bone MARROW

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the books combustible panoramic twists (Trainwreck Press), Pointillistic Venetian Blinds (Alien Buddha Press) and Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in The Sparrow's Trombone, Coven, Spontaneous Poetics, Ygdrasil, Expat, Selcouth Station. RASPUTIN, Train, Fugitives & Futurists, Otoliths, M58, Punk Noir Magazine, Beir Bua, and Scud among others. joshuamartinwriting.blogspot.com
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