Richard Magahiz & John W. Sexton

a liver roof
baked apple skies turn to aniline thighs eyes dies 
charnel fossils fuel your marrow factories o asmodeus  
general ripper's femurly questioned acting 
inspector remorse sir a hair one mile long securing the thames 
the goalie leaps still the net fills with fried sanddabs 
scratch two negative nonions and a surreal pie from the chipped shop 
sweet shebang I wanna hold your ham sambitches 
the am gone from his shaz captain marble has lost his marvels 
anti-nero rides on the hail spitting calcite 
fiddle music from the fairy fort a gold portal for the town drunk 
a pub with a liver roof and windows of cork 
fragile architectures of light as the tent dreams of elephants 
if you please sahib not to prod the sea tigers 

fed babies
halley’s comet sparked the tail of liggle piggle’s rocketship of straw 
frankie bacon's sick transits coatimundi 
baron munchhausen ascends to high heaven on the stench of a skunk 
mit stinkbug piss auld siegfried whets the dragon's troot 
matilda’s bag of whine gums set the witches weeping snot 
trancerational our googol eyes ears and elbows 
rag doll’s brain of dried rice has grown a consciousness of ants 
pearls hit the pavement loose swine flu flies 
baby jesus drools on his bib the transcendent infection begins 
all my hope is in youth beauty and deception 
before the czar’s children rasputin throws up an arsenic star 
monday haymarket plump milk fed babies in rows 
ahhh foxyloxy’s cubs make birdy toys from bones and feathers 

body kebabs
calvary ringtone the pierced one trusts his voicemail 
a white crow caws mama as papa nebo chalks a curse  
six seven octave shrieks doubling the ante each 
ultrashrikegirl larders body kebabs on the shattered trees  
fatties sapphonify on ripe olive love taps 
disembark lavasub demagmafied their hair volcanic glass 
green cicadas at her pulse points pine blonde starlet 
martens hiss secrets in the woods of stonebuddhamountain 
bill gates his lexan forehead revealed to acclaim 
arm & hammer toothpaste illuminati from armand hammer 
gold dust apeman cabal the flea world feigns bedlam 
aura parasites throb in the jelloid field of the spacejump greys  
estrogen sausage swarming with jubilant teeth 


columbine blue
dressed in the skins of davids goliath with a meteor in his eye  
past pluto hilton a pi iron chip to charon 
bloodship goes wood in the voidgrain jizzums into warp 
dragging her broadaxe up the hill kuan yin the merciful 
an august weird tales robert e howard flattens fifteen fruitflies 
horseman pass by the weeping men the art of woe 
those rothko canvases black on maroon a cunning unthunderlock 
in columbine blue hijabs a whale terror cell 
this coin nailed to the sun for any man who can drain the sea 
if you love then shoot the hail back into the sky 
tom o’mental taken ate eggs and bacon rent the moon forsaken 
all the vega 6 orphans fry shiitake shingles 
buried in a hollowed acorn thumbelina’s stillborn daughter 

piganoid word
slavering mouth of piganoid word for sausage is man 
seaweed potatoes on chondrite slab 
her tail sloughed landlubbery legs keelhaul sailors 
Rarotonga polygons merge left 
antisideways his time machine an abstract pi chart 
who steals my sac steals polliwog jam 
lovecraft's lost children's tale the cranken waggon 
kiss the tarmac tyrant lizard king 
exited his dark through a door in the seine 
the wild things lo they fear the button 
lacquered nine shrunken despots pinned to his lapel 
darest thou propel the Lichtenstein code 
fungus sheriff i spore the laws on this mound

Richard Magahiz has a day job working with computers, originally as a physicist now in software. When it comes to music, food, or books his tastes are both eclectic and idiosyncratic. After a long time on the East Coast of the US he’s come back to California.

John W. Sexton is the author of seven poetry collections, the most recent being Visions at Templeglantine (Revival Press, 2020). A chapbook of surrealist poetry, Inverted Night, came out from SurVision Books in 2019. In 2007 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry.
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