Jeff Bagato

Magic Pattern

jam and jelly keep it coming
ham and honey all the way
slipper dusters make it cleaner
hidden camera jump for joy
wizard wand and water bottle
earbuds drones and magic oil
hedge fund secret magic pattern
water bottle microscope
mermaid flashlight wizard earbud
castle camera in the clover
angel slippers angel wings
hidden secret now revealed
flashlight magic unicorn gravy
happy fortune made of honey
jelly mermaid security camera
make it magic keep it coming
don’t delay your angel’s here
gravy bacon jam and jelly
magic bacon magic pattern
make it gravy make it gold
secret secret wizard helpline
happy jelly fairy heartbeat
water bottle unicorn gravy
magic earbuds magic drones
flashlight camera microscope
ham and honey tinsel make up
hedge fund secrect wizard profit
clover fairy pot of gold
slipper dusters happy camera
water bottle tinsel oil
take this camera
take this tinsel
take this profit
take this gold
take this flashlight
take this earbud
take this slipper
take this oil
take this gravy
take this angel
take this magic
take this phone
jelly gravy happy tinsel
water bottle mermaid profit
slipper dusters unicorn
hidden camera make it happy
magic pattern cannabis oil
digital microscope angel drone
angel makes your hedge fund happy
wizard makes security camera
unicorn bacon tinsel profit
golden bacon
golden angel
golden wizard
golden oil
golden profit
golden flashlight
golden camera
pot of gold
tinsel candy unicorn gravy
angel flashlight rainbow magic
slipper dusters secret profit
rainbow honey tinsel wizard
mermaid secret fairy gold
laughing tinsel magic pattern
hedge fund secret flashlight clover
earbut mermaid wizard comfort
golden angel angel gold
laughing gravy happy magic
tinsel magic angel profit
bacon capsules golden honey
mermaid jelly hidden camera
unicorn hame and profit pills
love this angel
love this profit
love this flashlight
loving oil
love this bacon
love this capsule
love this mermaid
unicorn gold
love this earbud
love this slipper
love this clover
love this gold
love this wizard
love this magic
love this potion
love this wand
honey fairy slipper clover
magic pattern secret drone
happy bacon golden profit
mermaid honey bacon pills
capsule secet earbud magic
tinsel angel lucky oil
microscope unicorn water bottle
lucky bottle lucky angel
happy tinsel tinsel secret
keep this secret keep this oil
mermaid camera fairy tinsel
laughing capsule wizard capsule
security camera secret drone
lucky centaur lucky angel
happy fairy golden comfort
pills of pleasure capsule secret
clever wizard unicorn pills
lucky happy gravy bacon
jelly magic gorgon flashlight
golden earbuds make it golden
wizard make up mermaid purse
keep this camera 
keep this flashlight
keep this magic
keep this oil
keep it happy
keep it tinsel
keep it gravy
keep it gold
keep this potion
keep this capsule
keep this secret
castle keep
keep it honey
keep it bacon
keep it clover
keep it jam
keep this angel 
keep this mermaid
keep this wizard
keep this wand
secret gravy magic pattern
lucky bacon unicorn angel
tinsel flashlight happy earbud
water bottle golden mermaid
fairy camera angel oil
secret profit wizard comfort
happy gravy clover make up
jelly laughlines capsule honey
gravy tinsel bacon jelly
magic slippers unicorn gold
get this profit
get this gravy
get this angel
get this gold
get this bacon
get this flashlight
get this capsule
get this pill
get this mermaid get this fairy
get this magic
get this oil
hedge fund secret hidden camera
unicorn mermaid fairy golden
happy gravy bacon wizard
magic pattern magic pills

Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music and glitch video. His new collection of poetry In the Engine Room with Bettie and Andrea Reading Pornography is fresh for 2022. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at https://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.
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