Marilyn Stablein

Travel Cut-Ups

Vaccination Passports Rapid Testing Two Week Quarantines Two
Sudden Third Variant Surges Flights Grounded Borders Reclose Three
No Mask No Entry signs Zoom Schools, Meals To Go Home Test Kits Four
Super Contagious Omicron Booster Breakthroughs Urgent Care Chaos Five
Stay Home Holidays Renewed Vaccine Mandates Pandemic Burnout
Travel Cut-Ups is part of an ongoing graphic collage serial started during the Covid-19 virus pandemic of 2020-2021.

Strathmore 80 lb. paper, vintage medical, game, travel images, maps, decorative papers, handmade papers, miscellaneous ephemera, and found text.

Marilyn Stablein, a multidisciplinary artist, works in poetry, prose, collage, assemblage, photography, artist books, and performance art to explore visual narrative, travelog and memoir. Her work appears in journals, books, online and in private and public collections.
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